Is Your Bottled Water Acidic Or Alkaline? – Bottled Water pH Levels

bottled water ph levelDrinking water, clean drinking water actually has become a luxury because of the increase in environmental pollution around the globe. The excessive use of plastic has made life difficult not just for all the marine animals but also for the humans living on the planet.

Given the current situation of drinking water, many people around the globe has started making use of water ionizers and filters to make sure the health of their family isn’t compromised.

But there are also a lot of people out there who cannot afford these topnotch filters are thoroughly dependent on bottled water.
Did you know that more than

50% of Americans drink 1-billion glasses of tap water on daily basis? According to Seamatrics, more than half of US’s total population is forced to live near polluted water and the ratio keeps on rising.

Keeping that in perspective, we have decided to let you know what pH level is and how do you determine the difference between acidic water, alkaline water and neutral water.

What is pH level of water?

Before we indulge into the confusion what pH really is, let’s see what it stands for beforehand.

pH level stands for “Potential of hydrogen”. The pH value is basically a number between 1 and 14 where 7 stands as the mid-point. All the values before 7 means a acidity that will increase once the number increases. If a water bottle has a pH value of 1 than that will indicate it is highly acidic.

Whereas the values above 7 indicate alkalinity that will automatically increase as the number increases. If a water bottle has a pH value of 14 than that means it is most alkaline at this level. pH value of 7 will however indicate neutral water which isn’t that alkaline and not that acidic as well.

The difference between alkaline, acidic and neutral water:

You probably must know by now how to differentiate between alkaline, acidic and neutral water but in case you still need better understanding, let us explain it to you.

Water is combination of oxygen and hydrogen but we all already knew that. It is denoted as H2O and it’s pH level determines how acidic it is. The pH level ranges between 0 to 14 and the midpoint of 7 is known as the neutral point.

If a the water bottle you’re buying has a pH level below than 7 then it is acidic water whereas if the pH level is above 7 than it is alkaline water.

According to EPA guidelines, the tap water in the US falls under the pH level of 4-5 -5.3 whereas all the bottled water available in the market has different standards of pH level they are more inclined towards being alkaline water.

The pH level of tap water also depends on the region you live in so there isn’t a lot you can say about that.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

While there are disadvantages and advantages of everything in this world, alkaline water falls under the plethora of advantages it offers.

Scientists are still doing their research when it comes to alkaline water and its benefits but some proven advantages of alkaline water have been listed before.

  • As compared to normal water, alkaline water comes with ultra-hydrating properties. This is a highly beneficial drink for those people who do unlimited amount of physical hassle on a daily basis.
  • Alkaline water also helps in boosting immunity.
  • Alkaline water also possesses magnesium and calcium, both of these minerals are really important for maintain healthier bones.
  • In order to prevent the growth of cell damaging radicals, alkaline water possesses the power of antioxidants that not just fights those radicals but also slows up the aging process.
  • The biggest and by far the most important benefit of alkaline water is that it neutralizes the acidic properties in your stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.

As you can see, alkaline water is highly efficient and necessary for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. It not only provides you with a better immune system but it also fights the acidic properties in your body to keep you more inclined towards physical activities and a healthier lifestyle at all times.

Disadvantage of alkaline water:

While there are numerous advantages of alkaline water, there is also a big disadvantage of keep your body alkalized. Scientists fear that excessive consumption of alkaline water may ruin or exterminate those natural acids of your body.

It can and has the capability of killing the good bacteria that is needed to function your body in the right way. it may also cause skin and gastrointestinal diseases.

pH Levels Of Different Bottled Water Brands:

as you have read above everything you needed to know regarding the alkaline and acidic water. It is about time that we discuss the pH levels of different water bottle brands in the market today.

We have done a thorough research in this regard and now you can read all about the numerous brands we have enlisted below.

1. Aquafina pH level – 5.0

The very first brand that we looked the pH level for was Aquafina.

It is the one of the most recommended water bottle brands of USA and on a daily basis, millions of people are drinking Aquafina water.

The pH level of Aquafina is somewhere around 5.0 and the water is obtained through municipal resources.

The water then goes through a rigorous 7-step process and brought into the market.

2. Super Chill pH level – 7.5

Chill/Super Chill is a brand in the US whose water bottles are mainly available in the Michigan State.

The company uses spring water after a proper process of filtration in their bottles and that’s when their bottled water finds you in the market.

Chill/Super Chill is among the most reputed companies for providing safe drinking water and their pH level is pretty good as well.

3. AquaHydrate pH level – 9.0

As you have read from the name, Aqua Hydrate comes with the best pH level that you can find in bottled water.

The company uses municipal resources to filter water and once that’s done, additional minerals are added to the water to make them even more beneficial for the user.

AquaHydrate is one of the topnotch producers of alkaline water in US and they have occupied FDA licensing to ensure their production doesn’t face any kind of hindrances.

4. Crystal Geyser pH level – 6.5

Crystal Geyser gained recognition in the last few years when they introduced their FDA approved plastic bottles that do not let the germs indulge themselves into the water.

Their bottles are safe to drink from, recyclable and are highly durable to be used in the beverage and food industry.

The pH level of Crystal Geyser Bottled Water isn’t extremely high but it does come on an acceptable side of the scale.

5. Culligan pH level – 7.5

Culligan is one of the most-reputed brands of bottled water in USA.

The reason why the company has gained so much recognition in the last few years is because they are known for filtering water right on site.

Culligan uses traditional methods for filtering out the acidic water and provides a great pH level as well. Their water is quite highly on the alkaline water list and is definitely worth recommending to the users.

6. Absopure pH level – 7.5

Absopure provides you with filtered and ozonated spring water in the best of their capacity. The company, in the recent years, has improved the acid reduction from their bottled water and has now been using the osmosis system to keep their water pure.

The pH level of Absopure is also extremely high and it doesn’t cause any damage to the natural acids of the human body.

7. Core pH level – 7.4

If you have been hunting for a refreshing water taste that packs all the advantages of alkaline water, then Core is a company that you need to try out.

The company filters the water through municipal resources and adds the necessary minerals to provides its users with all the alkaline benefits.

Core offers great water pH level comes definitely among the recommended brands of USA.

8. Deer Park pH level – 5.5

Deer Park uses reverse osmosis system to filter the spring water and adds extra minerals to make the water even more beneficial for the users.

The water is pretty safe to drink and does not have any side effects for the users.

Deer park adds magnesium and calcium as the added minerals to the water to provide the consumers with alkaline benefits. The company has also started pouring distilled water in their bottles in the last few years whose benefits are still unknown the general public.

9. Essentia pH level – 9.0

Essentia has made use of reverse osmosis system quite efficiently and they have been offering the highest pH level in bottled water that we have found.

Company adds extra minerals to the water in order to make it alkaline efficient while not crossing extreme measures.

We all know how to much alkalinity can harm one’s bodily functions which is why Essentia has maintained a high level of balance when offering alkaline water to the consumers.

10. Fiji pH level – 7.7

Fiji is a bottled water brand that has been derived, shipped and packaged straight from Fiji.

According to the company’s marketing managers, the water available in in Fiji Bottles has been filtered through a traditional aquifer in Viti Levu.

Fiji has its headquarters located in Los Angeles and their bottles are available in various sizes.

11. Nestle Pure Life pH level – 7.4

Nestle is definitely one of the bigger tycoons in the world of bottled water. They have several sub branches of their beverages and comes mainly from Pepsico.

The company has used various ways to filter water until recently, they have settled down to producing alkaline water through the reverse osmosis system.

The pH level of their water is  usually between 6.8 to 7.4 which come slightly on the acidic side yet, their water is as advantageous as it can be.

12. Dasani pH level – 5.6

Reverse osmosis system has become the light of the bottled water industry. It is easy to use and provides the manufacturer/producer with efficient results.

Keeping that in mind, Dasani has also started using the reverse osmosis system to provide all its users with bottled water with a pH level of 5.6.

The water isn’t as acidic as it might seem on the scale but the company has been trying to improve its pH level in the last few production phases.

13. Evian Water pH level – 7.0

As the name suggests, Evian is among the top companies of the US that has been providing the masses with bottled water.

They use spring water to filter through reverse osmosis system and then it is made available to everyone on the market.

The pH level of their bottled water is quite basically because of two reasons, one is that they use spring water to filter which already has very less acidic properties. Second reason is that they use reverse osmosis system to filter the water and further add minerals to purify the water for all the consumers.

14. Smart water pH level – 6.5

I think we only mentioned one brand before that was using distilled water.

Here comes Smartwater that uses distilled water with added minerals and ensures the healthy lifestyle of their users is maintained.

The Smartwater bottles do not necessarily come on the alkaline side but they do have a better taste. The Smartwater is really refreshing to drink and with the help of added minerals, it is among the best bottled water that you can find.

15. Zephyrhills pH level – 7.5

Talking about a Floridian water bottle brand, the Zephyrhills is one of the most reputable companies of USA.

They offer a pH level of 7.5 and all their water bottles fall under the standards set by EPA. The water that Zephyrhills has been selling in the market is way more alkaline than most of the brands in the market and people have absolutely recommended it for the refreshing taste.

Most of the consumers also believe that Zephyrhills is the best bottled water brand.

16. Volvic pH level – 7.5

Volvic, as the name may suggest offers you filtered water that has been processed through volcanic layers.

This process allows the water to absorb natural minerals in order to not only purify it but also to make it more alkaline.

The Volvic bottled water is really safe to drink and the company offers a solid pH balance so we do not find any reason why one shouldn’t drink it.

17. Spring Water pH level – 7.0

We may have mentioned one brand before that uses reverse osmosis system to purify spring water. Here comes another company that has decided to use the same process.

The company Spring Water ensures to provide safest drinking water to all its consumers by filtering the spring water and then adding it up to the FDA approved plastic water bottles.

Their water bottles come in various sizes and the company has also provided their consumers with an amazing pH balance of 7.0.

18. Northern Chill pH level – 7.0

For those of you who would like to go as the science has suggested that too much consumption of alkaline water is dangerous need to opt for bottled water that lies more on the neutral side.

An example of neutral water is Northern Chill.

This isn’t alkaline water but does offer great taste and solid pH level. It falls more on the neutral side that makes it really safe for drinking.

Northern Chill has gained popularity because of their economical prices and they are really easy to obtain.
Another thing that is worth mentioning here is that Northern Chill is the prime collaborator of Walmart.

19. Ionized Water pH level – 9.5

The freshly ionized filtered water provided by Ionized Water comes with the highest level of pH value, one that is rarely found in the market.

Ionized Water maintains a pH balance of 9.5 which indicates this is really high in alkalinity.

The water tastes really good and doesn’t omit any odor. The company has also made use of FDA approved water bottles which just adds to up the reasons why consumers always choose it.

20. Hilton Head Tap pH level – 8.0

The most common resource of water in the US is municipal water.

Hilton Head Tap provides its consumers with filtered water through municipal resources. The company y has managed to provide the users with a solid pH level and their water is more alkaline yet safe to drink.

The best part is that Hilton Head Tap has made sure their water doesn’t exterminate the natural acids of body by keeping the alkalinity to a minimum.

21. Evamore pH level – 8.0

Who remembers drinking water straight from the well? According to many scientific researches, the water obtained from wells has really low acidic properties which is why it is safe to use.

Evamore has adapted the same traditional technique to provide its consumers with safe drinking water.

The company uses wells as their water resources and later filters it through 7-steps. After this process, the water is poured into recyclable bottles and made available to the consumers.


So, these are the brands that we have found comparisons for you and we hope this article has been able to help you understand the difference between neutral water, alkaline water and acidic water.

Most of the brands that we have mentioned so far come on the neutral midpoint. Some of them offer high alkalinity while it is hard to find bottled water company that provides the consumers with acidic water.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. if you have any queries in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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