Best Water Ionizers: 11 Alkaline Water Machines Reviews [2022]

Someone said and we know it is already happening.

That there would be a day when people will pay for clean drinking water and fresh air.

Well, you can always choose between two options: the first option is to succumb to the environmental challenge and the way corporate giants want to play with your mind and the second option is to take things in your hand.

A water ionizer is similar to a water filter in many different ways. It does not really purify the water, but it raises the pH level of water and thus separates the alkaline water from the acidic one.

It is said that alkaline water is good for health – it restores pH balance, it works like an antioxidant, it hydrates you better than untreated water, it controls your weight and it removes parasites – etc.

In short …

You need a best water ionizer at your home or office.

If You Prefer Bottled Water; Do Check These Alkaline Bottled Water Brands!


  • Self-Cleaning
  • Advanced 7-Electroplate Technology
  • Built-in Active Carbon Water Filter
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  • Forever Lifetime Warranty
  • PH Range 2.0 to 12.0
  • ORP Range +600 to -800
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  • 4.5 to 11 pH
  • 1585 Gallons Capacity
  • Built-in Active Carbon Water Filter
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  • pH 3.2 to 10
  • 1585 Gallons Capacity
  • 5 Solid Titanium Coated Plates
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  • 9-9.5pH,-450ORP
  • Infrared Sensor
  • LED Bar to Tell Filter’s Limit
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  • pH Range from 3.0 to 11.5
  • Better Ionization
  • Flexible Installation
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  • Automatic Cleaning
  • LED Display
  • Platinum-Titanium Plated Electrolysis System
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  • 11 Titanium Plates
  • Touch Display
  • Dual Ultra Filtration
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  • 3.0 to 11.5 pH Range
  • Flexible Fitting
  • 9 Platinum Plates
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  • 2.5 to 11.0 pH Range
  • Under-counter Ionizer
  • 7 Platinum Plates
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  • pH 4.5 to 11
  • 4000 Liters Per Filter
  • 7 Water Settings
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1: Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 - Best Water Ionizer Machine

Aqua-Ionizer Pro is the company that makes this and a few other products. This one, for example, got 250+ positive ratings. It is one of the few bestseller water ionizers that you can find on Amazon.

Let us take a look at the features of this water ionizer:

7 Healthy Water Options:

The best thing about Aqua-Ionizer Pro is that this company truly understands the value of giving options. Why? Because when it comes to water, options are important. You do not only need water to drink; you also need it to wash dishes and cloths, you need it for cooking and you need it for household cleaning. All these tasks do not require similar level of alkalinity. So Aqua-Ionizer Pro lets you choose from 7 options:

Pick the purpose for which you need the water and avoid wasting the alkalized water that is only suitable for drinking.

Advanced 7-Electroplate Technology:

Inside this water ionizer, there are 7 advanced technology electroplates. They are coated with titanium, they have a longer life compared to the kind of electroplates that you find in other water ionizers and they are energy efficient too. Rest assured that getting this water ionizer would not have a big impact on electricity bills.

Built-in Water Filter:

This water ionizer provides you all kinds of water for different needs – you can get filtered water as well. For that purpose, this water ionizer has activated carbon filter inside it. Activated carbon is known for filtering 12 to 14 types of pesticides and herbicides.


While this is not fully self-reliant, this is a smart water ionizer with may functions that many other water ionizers on Amazon would lack. This unit reverses polarity and thus cleans itself after each use – the way exactly how a small water filter for camping is cleaned. Also, after every 10.5 gallon the unit will auto-wash the plates.

Quick and Easy Installation:

This water ionizer is perhaps the easiest to install. It takes, more or less, 10 minutes and it can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere near a faucet.

Cost-Effective Solution:

When it comes to saving money, you should trust this water ionizer because it saves the cost of so many different solutions that you might try. It is cheaper than any reverse osmosis plant and it saves your money that you’d spend on purchased water bottles.

4000 Liter Filtration Capacity:

The total water filtration capacity is 4,000 liter – a small to medium family can easily use this amount of water for a year or so.

Adjustable Alkalinity:

What you really enjoy with this water ionizer is complete control on the alkalinity of water. It gives you a lot of options to set the alkalinity level and customize the whole experience.


  • 7 Different Water Options
  • 4000 Liter Filtration Capacity
  • Adjustable Alkalinity
  • High Quality In-Built Water Filtration


  • Not Very Effective Against Chlorine
  • Not Made for Faucets Bigger or Smaller than Standard Size

2: Bawell Platinum - Best Alkaline Water Ionizer

Bawell is another reputable company known for making high quality water ionizers. They offer a life warranty for their water ionizers and it is only because of the sheer trust they have in their product. Let us take a look at the features of this water ionizer.

pH Range 2.0 to 12.0 Alkaline and Acidic Water:

If something is measurable it is doable. If you’re someone who always keeps an eye at the stats and want to see digits before admitting that good has got better, this water ionizer is made for you. It would purify your water and separate alkaline water from the acid one. What you can get is a pH level of 2.0 to 12.0. How much would be the actual pH value? This depends on how much you want it to be, because this water ionizer lets you customize the pH value and ORP. You can choose from +600mV to -800mV.

5000 Liters Average:

The 2-stage internal alkalized water filtration has two filters inside it. You can either change the filters yearly or wait for the maximum limit for which these filters can work. The limit is 1320 gallons or 5000 liters of water. The smart thing that they have done to the system is that a voice prompt let you know that the purification limit is reached. The good thing is that while you’d need filters at the end of that limit, for the first time you get a pair of filters with this system.

Big Display:

This filter has a big display on the front and the water filtration limit is not the only thing that it tells. Filter counter tells you the number of liters that you have ionized/processed so far, filter life is displayed on it and it has got 4 buttons for alkaline level that you prefer. You can choose from weak alkaline, medium alkaline, strong alkaline and ultra-strong alkaline. Likewise, you can choose from weak acidic water, medium acidic water and purified water. There are buttons to select a mode, strong acidic water or to switch on or off the system.

Counter-top Machine:

This is a countertop machine – you can mount it on a wall as well. Once you place it on top of a counter, it can then be connected to a faucet or waterline below the counter. The wall mount is on the backside of this water ionizer and screws and anchors can be found in the package. The only place where it cannot be installed is underneath the counter.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water for Everyone:

So what is electrolyzed reduced water and how come this machine supplies you with this kind of water? Electrolysis is a process; you can look it up on the internet. This machine applies electrolysis to turn simple water into an ionized one. The process blesses simple – even impure water, with purity and antioxidant properties. The negative oxidation reduction potential and better values of pH is the reason why you need this ionizer.

2-stage Internal Alkalized Water Filter:

The internal alkalized water filter is a 2-stage one. It has two filters that the water goes through before it can be consumed. The filters, as mentioned previously, expire after a year or 1320 gallons filtered whichever comes first.

Quick Installation:

While this filter is not as easy to install as the previously discussed one, it takes maximum 30 minutes and it is very easy to install. Luckily, the package includes a short 10 minutes installation manual DVD.

Optional 3 Stage External Filtration System:

Apart from the water ionizer system and the two filters that you get with that, you can get a set of option 3 stage external filtration system. It is a good practice to purify the water before you ionize it.


  • 5000 Liters Average
  • Electrolyzed Reduced Water
  • Control Everything from Display
  • 2-Stage Internal Alkalized Water Filter


  • It is Likely to leak
  • Difficult to Install

3: Aqua Deluxe - Best Water Ionizer For Home

This another very successful water ionizer from Aqua-Ionizer Pro. Just like the first unit from this company that I’ve reviewed above, this one also provides you maximum level of customization.

You have the freedom to choose the level of alkalization and do a lot of other things.

7 Healthy Water Options:

Just like the previous version of Aqua Ionizer that I have reviewed above, this one also has 7 healthy water options that you can choose from depending on the purpose. The 7 modes are – cooking, brewing coffee/tea/soup etc., daily drinking, initial drinking, purified water, cosmetic and household cleaning. As you can see these options encapsulate the different purposes for which you need water at home – definitely the drinking water and the water with which you will wash dishes or do household cleaning, do not have to be the same.

Advanced Electroplate Technology:

The advanced electroplate technology is used in making of this water ionizer. The platinum-coated titanium gives this water ionizer a long-life and durability that it needs. It is because of this technology that Aqua Ionizer Deluxe filters water much better than other filers and save the energy at the same time.

1,585 Gallons Filtration Capacity:

In terms of capacity as well, Aqua Ionizer Deluxe delivers way better when compared to many other water ionizers in the market. However, this capacity is not even half of the capacity that you get with Deluxe 7.0. Yet, 1585 gallons are enough for a year if you have a small family.

Built-in Activated Carbon Water Filter:

The activated carbon water filter that comes built-in with this water ionizer, is the same that you would get with Deluxe 7.0. This kind of filter is known for dealing with 12 – 14 different types of pesticides and herbicides. This means that between this water ionizer and one without such a hi-tech filter, you really have no choice.


The self-cleaning process of this water ionizer is also the same as it was in the case of the Deluxe 7.0. It self-cleans itself with reversing polarity and then auto-wash the plates as well. It is very similar to how you manually wash the camping water filters like Sawyer.

4.5 to 11 pH:

This water ionizer takes only (and hardly) 110 VOLTS while it provides you purified and ionized water with pH value ranging from 4.5 to 11. This is exactly the ideal bull-park pH value for clean and drinkable water.

FDA Food Safe Approved Plastics:

The best thing about this water ionizer (one of the best) is that the material it is made of is FDA approved. It is made of plastic – there is no denying that, but the plastics used in making it are subject to food safety protocols of FDA.


  • 4.5 to 11 pH
  • 7 Healthy Water Options
  • 1585 Gallons Water Filtration Capacity
  • Built-in Active Carbon Water Filter


  • Water Capacity can be Better
  • pH Inconsistenciesl

4: Bawell - Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Bawell is another famous brand known for different water ionizers made for different segments of target market. Its platinum water ionizer is pretty famous among the target consumers and so is this alkaline water ionizer. The control panel of this water ionizer is a very user-friendly one – with lots of buttons for all kinds of features.

pH 3.2 to 10:

Bawell Alkaline water ionizer has a pH range that cannot be declared ideal or better than the range covered by Aqua-Ionizer Pro’s units that I have reviewed above, but this is more or less the similar range.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

While the lifetime warranty is limited (it does not apply to all parts or conditions), it calls for a sigh of relief when you know that this warranty covers most of the things related to performance.

Color Changing Display:

The color changing display of this water ionizer is definitely a competitive advantage. I mean, Aqua-Ionizer Pro does not have this feature. The changing color shows you everything that you need to know. This includes PH, ORP (+600 to -420) and filter’s life etc.

Bigger and Better Internal Filter:

The bigger and better than competitors internal filter can process bigger quantity of water per second – when compared to the internal filters of other brands.

Counter Top Filter:

Call it a pro or a con, but this is not a under the counter/sink water ionizer. It can be mounted on a wall or you can keep it on a counter top. It can easily be connected to all standard faucets.

Two Dedicated Buttons for Filtered and Acidic Water:

I’d give credit to Aqua-Ionizer Pro for offering so many water options. It might be debatable whether or not someone needs that many different types of water, but it was a plus. It is always good to have an option. However, this one is too much behind on options – this one also allows you choose alkaline level, filtered water or acidic water etc.

Backlit LCD Display:

The backlit display is where it beats many other water ionizer brands. It has a bright and colored, backlit display that tells you a lot about the processes going on in this machine. pH and ORP are only two of many values and stats that you get from the screen.

1 Gallon/90 Seconds Flow Rate:

The bigger and better filter inside this water ionizer works like a magic. The flow rate is more than industry’s standard. This water ionizer can process 1-gallon water in 90 seconds.

5 Solid Titanium Coated Plates:

This water ionizer has 5 solid titanium coated plates inside it to make sure that you enjoy truly ionized water. Pure titanium coated plates stay immune from corrosion for many years.

1585 Gallons Capacity:

1585 gallons is the maximum filtration capacity of this unit. Once you reach this limit or a year, you should seriously consider changing the filter that you get with the ionizer.


  • 1585 Gallons Capacity
  • Color Display
  • 5 Solid Titanium Coated Plates
  • Better Flow Rate


  • No Water Options
  • Inconsistent Flow

5: Pure Hydration Next Generation Water Ionizer

Pure Hydration’s Next Generation water ionizer is not your typical water ionizer – this thing is a class apart and looks more in line with your kitchen appliances – in terms of the look and feel of it. It has a built-in water dispenser so you can drink fresh and ionized water right from the dispenser.

New and Improved Design:

This model that you will buy from the Amazon is not the same as it was for all the previous buyers. It is a new model with a lot of improvements that the customers of Pure Hydration demanded to make. It is a hi-tech version of the same old unit. If you want something different from or better than all other models (they are more or less the same), this water ionizer will not disappoint you.

120,000+ Units of Old Model Sold So Far:

The old model was also a revolution to the industry of water ionizers. This is the reason why company managed to sell over 120,000 units of that model. This one is anticipated to deliver even better than that.

9 to 9.5 pH Range:

The water that you will enjoy will have a pH rang from 9 to 9.5. More or less, this is the bull park within which every water ionizer works. ORP is -450 and there is 1500ppb molecular hydrogen. -450 is perfect and industry-wise followed level of antioxidants in ionized water.

Infrared Sensor to Turn Dispenser On or off:

Now here comes the cool detail. This model is a technologically advanced model – not only when compared with the previous model, but when compared with other companies’ water ionizers too. It has a round infrared sensor that turns on when your hand comes any near to the dispenser tap. No touch, no germs, not problems! Just place your glass on the pedestal and dispenser will fill it up with fresh ionized water.

Flexible Installation:

Another amazing feature is the flexibility of this thing. It is not just a counter-top water ionizer. Other than mounting it on the wall, what you can do is install this thing under the counter with the option faucet that you can get from Pure Hydration.

All-Natural Ionized Water:

Another USP of Pure Hydration’s Next Generation ionizer is that it does not use an electric solution to ionize the water. It has an all-natural approach to it. It does not use plates or electric circuit etc. It adds all essential minerals and nutrients to water.

Waste-less Design:

The ionizer is designed to be a wasteless water ionizer. It has a sensor that keeps a tight lid on water flow.

LED Bar to Tell Filter’s Limit:

The LED bar on top of the sensor is to tell if battery is enough or about to die. If it is blue, it means that battery has enough time and if it is red this means that you have 90 to 180 days before filter needs a replacement.

Dual Side Entry for Replacement of Filter:

Dual side entry lets you access, check or replace the filter with ease.

6 Months Filter Life:

In case you wonder how long the filter lasts. The answer is 6 months.


  • Infrared Sensor
  • Water Dispenser
  • LED Bar to Tell Filter’s Limit
  • Flexible Installation Anywhere


  • Very Short Filter Life
  • Water May Taste Weird

6: Aqua-Ionizer Pro Deluxe 9.0

Yet another water ionizer from Aqua-Ionizer Pro. This one is also more or less the same. Except, it is more advanced than Deluxe 7.0. However, it can be said that this one, 7.0 and Deluxe are not comparable in terms of all such factors that can be used to gauge a water ionizer’s performance.

Alkaline Water System:

This water ionizer puts you in complete control on the alkalinity of water. You can choose how much or how less it should be. There are many merits of alkaline water that you can look up on the internet. It boosts energy and detoxifies your body.

7 Water Settings:

Something that Aqua-Ionizer series is famous for. Deluxe 9.0 has got all those features and functions that older versions have. On top of them are 7 water settings that you can choose from. They are: cooking, brewing tea/coffee/soup, daily drinking, initial drinking, purified water, cosmetic and household cleaning.

Advanced Filtration and Ionization:

This model of Aqua-Ionizer has advanced filtration and ionization technology. 9 durable and energy efficient plates keep the water ionized. This is more than 7 plates that you find in Deluxe 7.0.

Electricity Efficient:

With 9 plates and everything that you expect from a high quality and high-price water ionizer, this one is still an electricity efficient water ionizer. It takes only 110 VOLTS. Water tastes good, but does not reflect a lot in your electricity bills.

Flexible Installation:

A big problem that many customers had with older Deluxe brands is that those water ionizers could either be placed on the counter or mounted on the wall. There was no option to install it under the counter. Well this one can be installed under counter if you buy option install kit with this unit.

FDA Food Safe Approved Plastics:

Plastics cannot be avoided today. Especially when it comes to gadgets or electric home appliances, there would always be a few parts made of plastic. The only thing you can do is use FDA food safety approved plastics. Just like in the case of this water ionizer.

Produces pH 3.0 to 11.5:

In another field where Deluxe series beats most of other water ionizers is pH range. This unit products pH in a range of minimum 3 to maximum 11.5. This range is bigger than many other water ionizers.

Antioxidant Potential -860 to +1000 ORP

ORP range of this product is -860 to +1000 ORP.

Filtration Capacity:

The filtration capacity of Deluxe 9.0 is 4000 liters.


  • More Plates Better Ionization
  • Flexible Installation
  • pH Range from 3.0 to 11.5
  • 7 Water Settings


  • Filtration Capacity Could be Better
  • Water Might Develop a Taste

7: IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757

Well, the name says it all. Too much techie? Well, one look at this water ionizer and it says it all. It offers 2 acidic levels of water – something that majority of water ionizers do not do. It lets you choose from 7 different type of water choices. It has a colored and backlit display – and a little LED shoes when filter needs to be changed.

LCD Display Screen:

This water ionizer has a big and backlit display screen. The colored display shows everything that you need to know e.g. pH value and alkaline etc. The front panel lets you control the pH value.

7 Water Choices:

Just like Deluxe series from Aqua-Ionizer Pro, this one also offers you 7 type of waters to choose from. However, the nature of the choices is not the same. IG guys did something smart and they let you choose from two different levels of acidic water, medicine/milk, initial drinking, rice/tea/coffee, daily drinking and preparing food.

Complete Filtration System:

It is a complete filtration system – even if you exclude alkalization. It removes chemicals as well as all kinds of impurities such as pesticides, salt, dirt and chlorine etc.

Complete Alkalization System:

It is a complete alkalization system as well. There are 7 different stages of electrolysis and high-tech platinum-titanium coated electrolysis plates that make sure that not only you control the levels of alkalization, but you make the most out of it.

Platinum-Titanium Coated Electrolysis Plates:

These plates are premium quality ones. IG experts know that water always keeps those plates occupied so it can be devastating for the health of the users if the plates get rusty. This is why platinum and titanium coating is applied on them.

10-Second Automatic Cleaning:

Just like all good brands, including Aqua-Ionizer Pro, this one also offers automatic cleaning of the filter. It is a two-step process that takes 10 seconds maximum. Also, once product exceeds 7.9 gallons, a 2-minute cleaning of electrolysis chamber is also done automatically.

6 to 9 Months Filtration Capacity:

The total filtration capacity (with stock filter) is 6 to 9 months – as per the account of verified users.


  • 7 Water Choices
  • FBacklit and Colored LED Display
  • Platinum-Titanium Plated Electrolysis System
  • Automatic Cleaning


  • Filtration Capacity Could be Better
  • Filter Replacements are Expensive

8: Tyent USA UCE-11 - Best Portable Water Ionizer

Among so many countertop water ionizers, how’d you feel if I tell you about this water ionizer that is made especially for those who want under counter water ionizers. It consists of two units: one big unit for filtration and a cylindrical unit with two taps and digital display to show everything. This is kind of revolutionary deal – no other ionizer can be compared to this one.

11 Huge Platinum Coated Titanium Plates:

Deluxe 9.0 from Aqua-Ionizer Pro is one of the few water ionizers that have this many electrolysis plates. This one beat Deluxe 9.0 and many other because it has 11 titanium plates, dipped in platinum for extra protection from rust and other water stimuli.

Under-Counter Design:

This is an under-counter water ionizer. The cylindrical unit can be fixed under the counter and connected with your faucet to provide alkaline water 24/7. It has two taps on it and a touch-sensitive digital display choose the kind of water that you want for a particular time.

Unlimited Warranty:

Tyent UCE-11 is comes with an unlimited warranty. However, it is safe to assume that the warranty does not cover everything. It would only be for the main parts and functioning.

FDA Approved Materials:

In making Tyent UCE-11 no hazardous materials were used. The BPA free plastics were used whenever they were needed and even those were FDA approved plastics. Likewise, the whole unit is lead free and the filter is good enough against all type of impurities that are found in water.

9 Water Power Settings:

In Deluxe series they called them water options – in case of this water ionizer, they call them power settings. You can set the “power” or nature of the water that you want. There are 9 settings – 4 alkaline water settings, 3 acidic water settings, 1 turbo setting (alkaline or acidic) and 1 neutral. They claim that they filter 99% of impurities.

Touch Screen Display:

The touch screen display on the cylindrical unit shows a lot of things. The most important among them are the power settings that you can choose by simply tapping the setting that you like.

1.7 to 12.0 pH Levels:

In terms of pH value bull park too this water ionizer beats many others. It can offer 1.7 to 12.0 pH value.

Flood Prevention Sensor:

Overflooding can damage the pipes and cause a lot of damage to your home and household. While you need a proper flood prevention system, as far as this water ionizer is concerned it has a flood prevention sensor that will save its sensitive system from any damage.

Automatic Self Cleaning:

Last, but not the least, like any other high-quality water ionizer, this one also has an automatic self-cleaning system.


  • 11 Titanium Plates
  • Under-Counted Design
  • Touch Display
  • 9 Power Settings


  • Not Good for Countertop or Mounted Setting
  • Expensive Replacement Cartridges

9: Aqua-Ionizer Pro Deluxe 9.5

So, if Deluxe 9.0 was not enough, perhaps Aqua-Ionizer Pro’s Deluxe 9.5 would quench your thirst. It is 9.5 which means it is slightly more improved than 9.0. Just like 9.0, this one can also be placed on a countertop or fit under the counter. This also has a backlit display that shows a lot of information.

Antioxidant Boost Technology:

This water ionizer comes with an antioxidant boost technology. This goes without saying how important antioxidants are for our body. This water ionizer from Aqua-Ionizer Pro has an antioxidant boost technology that drastically boosts the number of oxidants in your water. Most important of them all is hydrogen.

7 Healthy Water Options:

Just like all other Aqua-Ionizer Pro water ionizers, this one also has 7 healthy water options. These water options encompass your everyday life and different uses of water. You have 4 ionized alkaline water options, 1 non-ionized purified and 2 ionized acidic water options. The purposes are cooking, brewing tea/coffee, drinking, beauty and cleaning etc.

9 Platinum Coated Titanium Plates:

Unlike earlier versions of Deluxe ionizers from this company, this one and 9.0 have 9 platinum coated titanium plates. These long life and durable plates are energy-efficient as well. Since they are treated with care, it is almost impossible for them to catch rust.

3.0 to 11.5 pH Range:

The pH value that you can get from this water ionizer – the range of it – is 3.0 to 11.5 pH. This is pretty much standard pH range for any water ionizer from Aqua-Ionizer Pro.

-880 to +1000 ORP:

Another very important indicator is the ORP value range. The Oxidation Reduction Potential range is not unparalleled but it is good when you compare with a wide range of other models and competitors.


This machine does auto-cleaning in two different ways. By reversing polarity, this ionizer cleans itself and this is a matter of routine that happens after each use. Also, after processing every 10.5 gallons of water, the unit performs an auto-washing of the plates.


  • 9 Platinum Plates
  • 7 Water Options
  • 3.0 to 11.5 pH Range
  • Flexible Fitting


  • Inconsistent Results
  • pH Range Could be Bigger

10: Life Ionizer MXL-7 - Best Water Ionizer In The World

Life’s MXL-7 another under counter water ionizer with a dedicated cylindrical unit for under-counter faucets challenges the hegemony of Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer. It has 7 titanium plates and an ideal pH value range.

Under-Counter Space Saving Ionizer:

This is another under-counter water ionizer. However, except the Tyent’s UCE-11 no other under-counter water ionizer beats this one when it comes to doing the right job within a limited space. Both of them are space saving, under-counter ionizers.

7 Titanium Grid Plates Coated in Platinum:

Inside the main unit, there are 7 titanium cored grid plates. These plates are dipped and coated in platinum. This makes them super safe from rust and other such elements. These plates remain in constant contact with water and it is very important for them to be rust-free.

450 Watts Power Efficient System:

This water ionizer is a 450 watts power efficient system. It provides you high hP, alkaline water without putting a dent in your electricity bills.

2.5 to 11.0 pH Value Range:

Speaking of hP, it is important to notice that the hP value range that you get with this water ionizer is within the same bull park that almost all other water ionizers opt for. This is a wide range and you can customize hP as per your preferences.

Boost in Hydrogen:

This is a molecular hydrogen friendly equipment. It processes your water to make sure that you get more quantity of hydrogen than what tap water provides to you.


  • Under-counter Ionizer
  • 7 Platinum Plates
  • Boosted Hydrogen
  • 2.5 to 11.0 pH Range


  • Hard to Install
  • Display Could be Better

11: Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.5 - Best Budget Water Ionizer

We’ve added so many variants of Aqua Ionizer – we know that, but the thing is that each and every variant of this water ionizer manages to win good ratings and reviews. We have to discuss them – plus the specs are different in case of each variant. Take this one for example; it has got 4.5 to 11 pH alkaline water producing limit. Let’s take a look at all those specs.

pH 4.5 to 11:

There is this one limitation that bothers the customers of every water ionizer – the pH value that you can get (from minimum to maximum) is very limited. This is not the case with Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.5; you can get an alkaline water with pH value anywhere from 4.5 to 11. This range is definitely bigger than what Aqua ionizer’s competitors offer.

7 Water Settings;

There are 7 different water settings – just like you notice in case of other ionizers offered by this company or the other companies. You can have 7 different types of water for things like: cooking, brewed tea and coffee, daily drinking, initial drinking, purified water, cosmetic and water for daily household needs.

3 Types of Water:

Apart from the 7 different water settings, if you want to categorize the type of water that you can get from this water ionizer, there are three of them. First one is alkalized water – there are settings via which you can set the pH value of that, second one is purified water and the third and last category is acidic water.

4000 Liters Filtration Capacity:

This is a water ionizer and filter so yes you cannot have it up and running for ever. It would require the replacement of filters, but you do not have to worry about all that before the filtration system has processed, filtered and ionized roughly 4,000 liters of water.

Energy Efficient Solution:

This water ionizer and filtration system, with all its efficiency and capacity, takes only 110 volts for proper functioning. By using this water ionizer, not only you reduce the plastic waste, but you also reduce the carbon footprint. This is an energy efficient solution.

Backlit LCD Display:

The backlit display is where it beats many other water ionizer brands. It has a bright and colored, backlit display that tells you a lot about the processes going on in this machine. pH and ORP are only two of many values and stats that you get from the screen.

7 Ionized Plates:

There are 7 metal plates that you can find in the chamber where tap water is turned into ionized water. The number of plates is directly linked with the quality of ionized water – bigger the number of plates, better it is for you.


  • 4000 Liters Capacity
  • Backlit Display
  • 7 Solid Plates
  • Energy Efficient


  • Filtration Capacity Could be Better
  • Taste can be Improved

How to Choose Best Rated Water Ionizer For Home/Office?

best water ionizer

In case you want to know more about water ionizers and what to look for when buying water ionizers, this buyer’s guide will cover everything.


Well, let us admit it …

Even if you have found world’s best water ionizer, chances are (actually it is highly likely that) you won’t buy it because of the price tag.

Better the features and bigger the capacity … higher the rates.

So, when looking for a water ionizer the first and foremost consideration is the price of it. Most of them are priced more or less around $700 or so.

This is a lot of money for some people and many of us would not lose this money easily – that too for a water ionizer.

There is another thing …

Price itself is nothing …

Let us assume that there is this ideal water ionizer that you love and you can easily pay the money.

But …

Some important features that you look for are not offered by this unit, would you buy it? The answer is no. Price must be proportionate to and validated by the features.

You cannot pay top dollar for an ionizer and live with a standard performance.


You know that installing water ionizers is a tricky game.

Some of them claim that you can install them (without any outsider’s help), within 10 or so minutes.


But you need to know everything about installation … you read customers’ review to see if there is an installation manual in the package or not, does the package have all screws and brackets etc. for installation.

Then there is a question bigger than this.

Is this a countertop ionizer only (can be mounted on a wall) or it can be installed under the counter too?

If it is an undercounter ionizer, is it only to be used undercounter or can we use it as a countertop ionizer too.

Does this have the things needed to connect it with faucets or you have to buy them separately from the company?


When it comes to plates, things are just as complicated as they are in case of installation.

The first question is about the number of them – if your ionizer has a big number of plates, it will purify a bigger quantity of water in less time.

The Deluxe series have 7 to maximum 9 platinum plates.

Maximum number of plates that I have noticed are 11 – and they come with Tyent UCE-11 ionizer.

The next big question is whether the plates are treated for effective and long-term electrolysis of water.

This is the reason why you read confusing claims e.g. titanium plates vs platinum plates.

The matter of fact is that plates are made of titanium, but they’re treated with platinum. They’re dipped or coated in platinum to avoid rust and other problems.


By filters we mean the removable and replaceable filters that are installed in these water ionizers for the purpose of the filtration of water.

There is a general belief that untreated and unpurified water cannot be ionized as well as purified water – treated for dirt, rust, chlorine and other impurities.

Make sure that you buy an ionizer with stock (readily available and fitted) filter and with cheap replacements. One or two really good ionizers got negative reviews because filter replacements were expensive.

Filter Capacity:

This is another question related to filters, but the nature of this question makes it different.

A filter (not the electrolysis chamber) has to be replaced after a considerable period of time. Most of the companies suggest customers to change the filter after a particular and mentioned period of time.

However, many other prefer quantity of processed water to time. They will tell you that you must change your filter after 1500+ gallons or so.

And then there are the careful ones that mention both values. So make sure that you look for this value before you buy an ionizer.

pH and ORP Range:

pH and ORP values are what you will find in the description of every water ionizer. They are very important because they are related to the quality of the water that you will eventually enjoy.

pH shows how acidic or basic (drinkable) is the water that you get. Normal range of pH varies from 6.5 to 8.5 so anything that goes from 1 to 11 is perfectly fine.

Likewise, ORP shows the level of oxidation in water. It shows how clean is the water. Higher the reading, more oxidizing it will be. So anything between -800 to +1000 is best.


In terms of cleaning too, there are two important parts.

You should make sure that both: the water filter as well as the plates remain clean – otherwise the quality of water will be affected.

Automatic cleaning means:

Auto-cleaning of unit by reversing polarity.

Auto plate-wash after a significant number of gallons of water (e.g. 10) have been processed through the unit.


In case you’re used to good LED display on the electric appliances at your home or workplace, make sure that you get a water ionizer that bears a few display-related qualities.

It should have a back-lit and if possible, colored display.

It will be even better if it is a touch display from where you can easily operate the ionizer.

The display must show important readings e.g. how many liters are left for the filter replacement, what is pH and ORP reading and what water options/choices you can make.

Water Options:

Speaking of water options – you can look at them in two ways:

Types of water – alkaline, acidic, neutral

Options – cooking, daily drinking, brewing coffee and household cleaning etc.

These option and types dictate your use of water. So in case you prefer processed water for cooking as well, make sure you pick the right ionizer.

Health-Related Concerns:


Someone who buys an ionizer is one who is concerned about their and their family’s health. And this is why you must make sure that FDA approved food quality plastics are used in making of the ionizer and the material is BPA-proof.


This was it about the best water ionizers for 2022. I hope you liked this review. If it is so, please let me know in the comment box below.

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