15 Best Water Filter Pitchers That Removes Most Contaminants [2022]

best water filter pitcherWhat if I tell you, American drinks more than one billion glasses of tap water per day. And three-quarters of all American lives within 10 miles of polluted water, a fact on Seamatrics.

More, an average American consumes 167 bottles of water every year. And 90% of the cost of bottled water is the bottle itself.

So, it’s no wonder that Americans are drinking 127% more water than in 1950 (stated here). That’s good but buying bottled water skims hundreds of dollars yearly from your wallet.

And you might feel ripped off for paying on bottled water when you have water on your tap, but the problem is it’s not clean, healthy and delightful to drink.

And you may find yourself guilty for throwing plastic in the environment.


Solution? It’s time to invest in a proper water pitcher with filter to enjoy your fresh glass of water on demand.

Since the last few years, water filter pitchers have become a basic need of every house and you might have seen them in every other home.

And the best part is, it doesn’t require you to have prior knowledge for filtering a glass of water that quenches your thirst. This easy to use and portability give them an advantage over other high-end water purification systems. And most importantly, they are super pocket friendly.

No matter, what your requirements are, there’s always a range of water filter pitchers that:

But, we won’t let those hundreds of listings on Amazon, Walmart and eBay that look similar freak you out as we’ve already burnt the candle at both ends by scanning hundreds of water filter pitchers to give you only the top notch models so you would enjoy clean, crisp and healthier water every time.

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Top 15 Best Water Filter Pitchers Comparison [2022]

Just in case you don’t want to go through all the options and are only interested in the top of the line water filter pitchers that remove the most contaminants from your tap water, here are the quick recommendations.


  • 10 Cups Capacity
  • Weight 3 Pounds
  • 100 Gallon
Check Price

  • Weight 3.2 Pounds
  • 150 Gallon
Check Price

  • 8 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 2.25 Pounds
  • 100 Gallon Each X2
Check Price

  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 3.75 Pounds
  • 10 To 20 Gallon Each X2
Check Price

  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 2.6 Pounds
  • 120 Gallon Each X2
Check Price

  • 2.5 Liter
  • Weight 11.2 Ounches
  • 40 Gallon
Check Price

  • 3.8 Litter
  • Weight 4 Pounds
  • 200 Liter
Check Price

  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 1.94 Pounds
  • 79 Gallon Each x2
Check Price

  • 5 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 0.96 ounches
  • 40 Gallon
Check Price

  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 2.29 Pounds
  • 40 Gallon
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  • 3.5 Liter Capacity
  • Weight 2.6 Pounds
  • 150 Liter
Check Price

  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 1.39 Pounds
  • 80 Galon
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  • 6 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 2.4 Pounds
  • 40 Galon
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  • 2.5 Liter
  • Weight 2.5 Pounds
  • 76 Galon Each x2
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  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • Weight 1.96 Pounds
  • 40 Galon
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Which Water Filter Pitcher Removes the Most Contaminants?

This is the most frequently asked question ever, when it comes to buying a water filter pitcher. But the fact is it’s not very easy to answer this question with just one product because water quality and contaminants present in it varies from place to place, however, the in-depth research and customer reviews allow us to present the best possible water filter pitchers that take away the most common contaminants in bulk.

At the very top, we’ve Cealry Water Filter Pitcher that removes more than 230 contaminants that can be found in your standard tap water including Fluoride, Herbicides, Heavy metals, Radiological elements, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Chemical disinfectants, Micro-plastic, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Semi-volatile compounds, Pesticides, Bacteria, Cysts, and Microorganisms.

Then, ZeroWater also reduces a large amount of commonly found contaminants that you wouldn’t like to take into your body with your glass of water.

Thirdly and lastly, you can opt for the Aquagear water filter pitcher to remove many harmful chemicals and contaminants and make your drinking water much safer.

Tip: Before opting for any water filter pitcher, the best practice is to first test your tap water to find out which chemicals and contaminants are polluting your water badly and should be removed at any cost. This will help you to figure out which water filter pitcher would serve you best.

Now, let’s get into the details about every single water filter pitcher.

1. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

This redesigned sleek and simple water filter pitcher is probably the best pitcher we’ve seen by far having the most filtration levels. It is one of the best filter pitchers that you can have in your kitchen for crispy and healthy water, but a little pricey.

Removes Extensive Contaminants:

First thing first, the filter technology “Affinity” used in this pitcher is a blend of carbon and other proprietary components which remove up to 220 toxins and contaminants.

According to lab results, the filter can remove Fluoride (98%), Arsenic (99.6%), Chlorine (99.9%) and effectively reduces 15 heavy metals like Lead (99%), Iron (99.4%) Chromium 6 and around 50 pesticides at a rate of 99.9%. No other filter on our list removes this bulk.

Retain Healthy Minerals:

The best part is the filtration system is so smart that it doesn’t remove healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

In a nutshell, you get distilled water having beneficial minerals in it. So, you drink crispy, tasty and healthy water every time.

Tested in Accordance with NSF:

Although the pitcher itself is not certified by NSF, a third party has been carried out the tests in accordance with NSF standards 42, 53, 401, 244 and P473 and they rest assured about containment reduction and improvement in water quality.

Safe Materials and Long Lasting:

Moreover, the BPA free plastic used in manufacturing is much safer for your overall health as compared to ordinary plastic.

You can filter half gallon water at a time, and the filter life lasts up to 100 gallons. So, the average life would be somewhere between 3 to 4 months subjective to how often you use the filter and water quality.

No Indicator:

When it comes to tracking filter life, unfortunately, it has no indicator to tell when to change the filter. So, you would need to keep track of filter life by yourself which can be inconvenient if you forget to take notes.

Pour While Filtering:

The pitcher’s reservoir that holds the unfiltered water is designed separated from the spout and the lid fits perfectly in place. Both these things reduce any chances of mixing unfiltered water into filtered water while pouring. This allows you to pour and drink filtered water without waiting for all water to be filtered.

But, to refill the reservoir, you’ll need to remove the lid, because there is no hole at the top for water intake. It can only be done by removing the lid. A hole for water intake would have made life easier.

A bit Slower but Worth it:

Talking about speed, it’s a little slower as compared to other filter pitchers in the market. But this is because it removes myriad contaminants and makes your water much cleaner and healthier. So, logically speaking, it’s not really a downside.

Might leak:

Some users have reported, it leaks out around the filter, which means the contaminated water would start dripping into the filtered water. However, it can be fixed in most cases if you follow the manual’s instructions properly.

Lifetime Warranty:

But if nothing works and your pitcher has been ruined, you can ask for a replacement at any time. Because the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty which might be a dealmaker for many of us.


Unfortunately, the pitcher is a little pricey and has the most expensive filter replacement. But what it does and capable of, it is worth each penny.

  •  Myriad contaminants reduction including lead and fluoride
  • Tests under NSF standards 42, 53, 401, 244 and P473
  • Biodegradable material
  • Securely fit lid
  • Retains the healthy minerals
  • Easy to assemble, clean and pour
  • Lifetime warranty
  •  Little pricey buy and expensive filter replacement
  • May leak sometimes
  • No filter life indicator
  •  Slow filtration

2. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Having 150 gallon filter life and qualified against NSF standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction, next on our list is Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher.

This 8 cup filter pitcher is probably the most bought filter pitcher in the market. It costs more bucks than standard ones, however, you’ll be more than satisfied with its quality and effectiveness. One thing to notice, it’s not officially certified by NSF or WQA.

5 Stage Effective Filter:

The USA-made five-stage filter is a combination of activated coconut carbon and ion exchange materials and has been tested and certified by several independent water quality labs and stands up to the mark for removing severe containments.

 A few to mention are Fluoride (90%), VOCs (almost 99%) Chromium (99.8%), Nitrate (97.6%), mercury, arsenic (99.8%), chlorine (99.9%) and chloramines. And keeps healthy minerals, so you’ll drink healthy water.

Reduces Lead and Copper:

The company also claims to reduce harmful levels of lead and copper to undetectable levels even for the water of Flint and Michigan and makes it much safer to drink. However, if your tap water has serious issues, it’s not a good idea to solely dependent on a filter pitcher. In total, this filter can remove 70 plus contaminants.

 It is designed to clean only municipal water and does not remove bacteria and viruses. So, don’t use water from ponds, wells, and streams. You might get sick.

Long Filter life:

Not only it improves water quality and taste, the filter life and reservoir capacity are also impressive. It purifies 150 gallons of water before you order another filter. This will save you money in the long run. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a filter life indicator, so you’ll need to do some calculations.

Guessing, if there are 3 people in your family and everyone drinks half a gallon of water every day, then this filter will probably serve you more than three months.

Filtration takes time:

In the first few days, the water filters at a good pace. But then starts to slow down as the filter starts to get older, an aspect to consider if you choose this filter pitcher. So, it’s best to refill it before going to bed, so you could enjoy refreshing water in the morning. 

Moreover, other than the water usage, it’s also a way to know when to replace the filter when the water almost stops filtering.

Eco Friendly and Recyclable materials:

The jug has a simple look and the plastic used is FDA approved food grade BPA free and 100% recyclable. All in all, it’s an eco friendly filter pitcher and supports green living. Moreover, it’s vegan too.

Easy Water Intake:

The hole in the lid makes filling water easier. But sadly, some users had a bad experience when it comes to pouring. They reported it’s inconvenient to pour water and lid falls quite often.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Most importantly, the lifetime guarantee on the pitcher ensures you’ll be getting clean water for the rest of your life.

  • Significant reduction in lead, copper, fluoride and other dangerous contaminants.
  • Qualified against NSF 42 and 53 standards.
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Pour spot for easy refilling
  • BPA-free, food-grade plastic and 100% recyclable.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • High price tag but fewer filter replacements.
  • No filter life indicator
  • Slow filtering process

3. Seychelle pH2O - Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle has had to face bad reviews on its older filter pitcher just because of its never-ending wait to get clean water.

Two Filter Cartridges and Fast Filtration:

So, Seychelle introduced this filter pitcher having two purifying cartridges for faster filtration process that makes it unique from other filter pitchers and gives you more water to drink on hot summer days. This is a great filter pitcher for large families to have clean water ready at the disposal.

Removes a long list of Contaminants:

When it comes to filtering, they are not only fast, but also very effective in reducing and removing usual water contaminants up to 99.99% and drip off clean and refreshing water.

 According to test reports published on their website, the filters are capable of removing lead (97.5%), fluoride (90%), nitrite (95%), mercury, copper, arsenic, zinc, aluminum and other contaminants such as trace metals, pesticides and VOCs. It also claims to improve water aesthetic and remove chemicals and radiological contaminants.

200 Gallon Filter Capacity:

The filter capacity is 100 gallons each, so you would be able to filter 200 gallons of water before any replacements and the reservoir holds 64 ounces of water. With that, it should last somewhere between 4 to 6 months under normal usage which is impressive.

Worth the Price:

However, this much filter capacity and water quality make it more expensive. But, it’s worth the price.

Secure Lid and Easy Refills:

It comes with a hole in the lid for water refills which makes life easier because removing the lid every time is not easy for this pitcher. It requires a brute force to remove the lid. So, it should only be removed when you need to clean the pitcher. The advantage is lid stays secure and in place while pouring.

USA Made and Health Sustainable:

The filters are made in the USA and use five stages of filtration to remove lead and fluoride.

Moreover, the filter and its parts that encounter water are made up of food-grade, BPA-free, FDA-approved materials and don’t pollute your water. Additionally, they are 100% recyclable, all you’ll have to do is inform the company to collect the filters, so they could recycle them properly.

Prone to Clogging:

Though filters are very effective at contaminant removal, they are more likely to clog and should only be used for tap water. So, well water and saltwater are not good to deal with as they might cause clogging.

Rinse can improve the speed:

However, there is a tip from the seller. If you rinse the filters once every 3 weeks or a month, this will flush out some of the contaminants that it has caught over the period. It may help with clogging and filtration speed and save you some money against filter replacements.

Lightweight and Easy to Use:

It doesn’t demand so much strength to be picked up, which makes it easy to lift and use. It could be a good option for people having low strength in their arms.

  • More efficient than ordinary filters
  • Two filter cartridges for fast flow rate
  • Food grade material, BPA-free, FDA-approved and recyclable
  • Filtration capacity of 200 gallons
  • Flushing occasionally improves flow speed.
  • Prone to clogging
  • Not good for hard water as well
  • One of the most expensive

4. ZeroWater ZP-010 - 10 Cup Pitcher

Up till now, all the filter pitchers we’ve discussed are expensive. But this filter pitcher might be the ideal budget-friendly filter pitcher.


The five-stage filter used in ZeroWater ZP-010 is a mixture of activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy. The excellent filter can remove dust, algae, pesticides, herbicides, mercury, chloramine, fluoride and arsenic.

Removes Total Dissolved Solids and More:

It is specially designed with a different purpose in mind than other water filter pitchers. And that is removing total dissolved solids in your tap water and claims to filter them up to 99.6%.

Moreover, it’s independently certified by NSF to remove 99% of chromium and lead in tap water, which is an achievement over most other filter pitchers. According to NSF standard-42, it also removes chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.

Bigger in Size:

It’s slightly bigger in size so keep that in mind if you expect to put it in your fridge. It’s a reliable option for families of two to four people.

Comes with TDS Meter:

Moreover, any of the above-mentioned pitchers don’t have any tool to measure the quality of water. However, this pitcher comes with a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter which takes away all the guesswork and you get exact numbers before and after filtration.

You might think the TDS level isn’t a legal standard to measure water quality and it’s more of aesthetic features (smell, taste and appearance). But, the removal of detectable dissolved solids up to 99.6% clearly indicates that the filter is doing its job properly.

It also helps determine when to change the filter in accordance with water quality and its more accurate than time span and how much water has been filtered.

Sometimes, Tastes Sour:

The major pitfall of this filter is while pulling out dangerous contaminants, it also removes those minerals which are good and found in sweetwater. And your water may taste a bit sour or acidic. However, not always and not to everyone.

Unique Dispenser:

The design is plain and smooth making it easy to clean. The special feature is, to dispense filtered water, it has a spigot right below the handle. Easy and convenient to fill your water bottles without lifting the pitcher. But it also has a handle with grip to pick it up.

10 Cups but Several Refills:

The manufacturing materials are BPA-free and risk-free. The jug is large enough to hold up to 10 cups of water. But it demands several rounds of refilling because the reservoir is small.

5 Stage Filter Takes Time to Filter:

Water goes through five stages of filtration which takes longer to get a glass of water. Moreover, the filter capacity is only 10 to 20 gallons and requires frequent replacements. But, if the water quality isn’t that bad and you don’t consume so much water, it’ll require less replacements.

  • NSF-53 certified
  • Removes lead and chromium
  • Reduces total dissolved solids
  • Comes with a TDS meter
  • Handy dispenser for easy pouring
  • BPA-free materials
  • Easy cleaning
  • Inexpensive
  • Sometimes, water may taste sour
  • Slow filtration rate
  • Lid may come off while serving
  • Shortest filter life of 10 to 20 gallons

5. Brita 36396 Monterey - Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

This round shaped Monterey water filter pitcher comes from a reputed brand Brita which has played a vital role in the pitchers’ industry. Brita has a large market share due to its quality water filter products and this pitcher is one of them.

Filter Removes:

Independent lab test results show the long last filter used in this pitcher is capable of removing more contaminants than just chlorine (taste and odor). It will remove heavy metals like lead up to 99%, mercury, cadmium, benzene, asbestos, and other contaminants found in tap water.

All this removal gives you cleaner and great tasting water free of harmful particles.

Long last Filter:

This pitcher comes with a long-lasting filter that serves longer than the standard Brita filter. The average life of a long-lasting filter is up to 120 gallons.

10 Cups Water:

The round and compact jug have a capacity of 10 cups of water. However, if your daily water drinking needs are more than this, you can use the pitcher as many times as you want. 

Filter Change Indicator:

The digital filter life indicator placed on the lid is a nice and cool feature. It will tell you when you must change your filter. All you have to do is press the button for 6 seconds and you’ll get the reading.

Choose Your Shade:

Unlike traditional water filter pitchers, this Brita model has an edge over competitors to choose the color that goes with your kitchen theme. You can opt for white, black, green and blue color.

Little Bulky:

Although the pitcher looks nice and would make a good addition into your kitchen, it has some design flaws. First off, it’s a little bulky and people with limited arm strength might find it hard to use when it’s full.

Annoying Lid:

Secondly, the lid might be annoying and can come off when you pour. To overcome this problem, the best practice is to use your other hand too. Also, it is a little tricky to put the lid back once it’s removed.

  • Removes bad-tasting chlorine and harmful metals like lead
  • Retains the natural taste of the water
  • Filter life indicator is included
  • Stylish look
  • Cost-effective buy and replacements
  • Comes with a long lasting filter
  • Comes in four different colors, black, white, blue and green
  • Heavy
  • Annoying lid

6. Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

This water filter designed by Lake Industries not only filters your tap water but also makes it alkaline in nature. The filter cartridge used in this pitcher makes water healthier and tasting at a reasonable price. All in all, this is one of the best alkaline water filter pitchers.

BPA Free and FDA Approved:

All the components including filter, jug and lid are made of AS and ABS, BPA-free plastic and approved by FDA. So, using this filter is safer to your health and reduces the number of plastic water bottles that you purchase daily. Plus, it’s recyclable as well.

4 Technology Filter:

The filter cartridge has 7 layers consisting of sediment, ion exchange resin, activated carbon, ORP balls, mineral balls and tourmaline.

All these layers are divided into four technologies to clean the water. At the first stage, all the large particles including sand, dust, rust, sediments and other contaminants are blocked.

Moving to the second stage which is activated carbon, chlorine, heavy metals, and other bad smells and tastes are blocked.

The third stage softens the water. And finally, the fourth stage is a mineral stone filter. Which releases healthy minerals into the water.

All these layers and technologies remove pollutants, chlorine, heavy metals, zinc, copper, lead, odd smells and taste up to 90%. 

On top of that, it also removes free radicals and other toxins and increases the energy levels of your body when you drink water from this pitcher. 

Better Hydration:

The stones and ceramics present in the filter reduce the size of the water molecules. This reduction in size makes water to get absorbed better in your body and you’ll be better hydrated.

Short Filter Span:

The Lake Industries’ filter used in this pitcher can filter 40 gallons of water at its maximum. This filtration capacity is not very long, and you might need to replace the filter once every month or so if you and your family consumes a lot of water.

2.5 Liter Pitcher Capacity:

The jug or pitcher can give you only 0.66 gallons or 2.5 liters of water with one filtration round or when fully tanked up. However, you can run multiple rounds of filtering if your household’s drinking water needs are more.


The pitcher has been designed to be convenient and easy to use. You can easily change the filters and the slim and compact design ensures that it’ll nicely be placed in the fridge without any hassle.

Cheap Filter Replacements:

Although the filter replacement demand is more frequent for this model, the filters are cheaper. So, changing the filters won’t break your bank and save you money in the long run.

Some Hassles:

Yes, this product isn’t perfect. It has some design flaws such as the lid doesn’t stay tight which can be a major issue for some users. Saying this, the unfiltered water might come out with the filtered water, which no one would want. However, pressing the lid during use can solve this hassle.

  • Slim, stylish and elegant design
  • Made up of food-grade, rigid As and ABS, recyclable plastic
  • 7 stage filter makes the water more alkaline up to 9.5, cleaner, and better absorption liquid.
  • Compact dimensions make it fit almost in any refrigerator
  • Average price and Eco-friendly
  • Easy to fill lid without removing it
  • 90% removal of lead, zinc, copper and other pollutants
  • Slow Filtration speed
  • Short filter life
  • The lid doesn’t stay well and minor leaking issues
  • Only 2.5 liter capacity

7. Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Next on our list is the Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water pitcher which uses the new technology to improve the quality and taste of your tap water so you could drink fresh and naturally delicious tasting water.

Makes your tap water more Alkaline:

You might have heard of the health benefits of alkaline water but that’s another debate. However, this filter pitcher significantly improves the pH level of your tap water up to 10 and makes it more alkaline. The pH improved water feels softer and smoother when you drink it.

It removes:

The 6 stage filter cartridge is a mixture of activated carbon, mineral balls, tourmaline and ion exchange. And it mainly removes particles of chlorine, copper, lead, and fluoride. It might reduce other contaminants and toxins as well, but doesn’t remove them completely.

Jug Capacity:

The water jug can hold 3.5 liters of water at maximum. In other words, you’ll get 14 cups of water with one round of filtration. This is a good water supply for daily needs.

Filter Lifespan:

The pitcher comes with one filter having a maximum lifespan of 50 gallons. After that, it requires replacement. This is a relatively short time span and buying a new filter will obviously cost you money.  

Rinse Before Use:

When the unit comes, you must soak the filter for at least 10 minutes before start using it. Doing so would save you not getting black residue from the carbon into your water. A simple and must step to get clean and refreshing drinking water.


Having Ehm Ultra Premium is environment friendly because it fulfills your daily needs of drinking water and you won’t need to buy plastic water bottles every now and then.

Easy to Assemble and Clean:

It’s very easy and straightforward to assemble for the use. Also, when it comes to cleaning, you’ll be able to disassemble it really quick and clean the plain and simple design.

After cleaning, when you put the filter back, make sure it sits firmly, otherwise, the filter may not clean the water properly.

Lid can be an issue:

Some users have reported that the lid is flimsy and doesn’t remain stable on the top while pouring the water which can be inconvenient and annoying. However, using the other hand can help with this problem.

No Filter replacement indicator:

If you’re a busy person and forget about little things, then this filter pitcher will probably make your life a little difficult because it doesn’t come with a filter life indicator to let you know when to change the filter. You’ll need to set some criteria to find out the remaining life of the filter. 

Can Clog:

The filter can clog sometimes when it encounters large particles that stop the water. However, taking the filter out and shaking it usually fix the issue in most cases. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the filter in the worst case.

  • Super easy to assemble and clean
  • Improves the alkalinity of water
  • High capacity of 3.5-liter water on demand
  • 6 stage filter cartridges
  • Compact design that easily fits into the fridge.
  • Budget-friendly and environment friendly
  • The lid could break easily and doesn’t stay fixed while pouring.
  • No indicator for filter life
  • Short filter life and requires frequent replacements.
  • Could clog

8. Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher with 2 Long-Lasting Filters

No filter pitcher can beat this pitcher in aesthetics. This eye-catching black filter pitcher sitting on your kitchen counter grabs the attention.

Improves pH and Healthy Minerals:

The filter used in this pitcher is a combination of FIR balls, ion exchange resin, activated carbon, minerals and negative potential particles. This mixture not only improves the alkalinity of your water but also adds magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium to the water.

So, you’ll get clean and soft drinkable water that feels silky smooth when you drink it. 

Removes and Reduces:

According to lab-tested results printed on the box, this filter can remove or reduce fluoride, lead, arsenic, pollutants, impurities, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) like chlorine, fluorine, bromine, sulfur and odors from your faucet water effectively.

It also removes heavy metal that got into your water while traveling through pipes. So, you’ll get metallic taste-free water.

High Impact ABS:

This elegant looking black filter pitcher is made from thick and sturdy ABS plastic which is BPA-free and approved by FDA, so you’re not getting any toxins into the water and your body. Moreover, it is very rugged and sturdy which is perfect for everyday use and will last longer.

Filter Life:

Talking about how often you’ll need to replace the filter, each filter can last somewhere between 60 to 75 days or is capable of filtering 79 gallons or 300-liter water. Which is almost double of standard filter life (40 gallons).

Digital Countdown:

The cool feature of this pitcher is it comes with a timer button on the top. When you attach the new filter, you set the count to 60 days and it starts counting the life of the filter. This feature makes your life a little easier and comes handy to know when to replace the filter.

However, you need to be a little careful while filling the reservoir, because this timer is not waterproof and can stop working if water gets into it.

Comes with an Extra Filter:

When you order this pitcher, you’ll get two filters in the box. Adding an extra filter is very nice of the manufacturer and will save you some money in the first few months.

Reservoir and Pitcher Capacity:

The upper part known as reservoir holds 1.6-liter water whereas the bottom part enables you to get 2.4 liters filtered water. But this ratio will require you to refill the reservoir twice.   

Better Absorption:

The filter not only removes or reduces harmful toxins, but it reshapes the water at the molecular level to help in better absorption and act like any oxidant.

Flushes out Toxins from Body:

The negative potential particles at the fourth layer of the filter give some oxidation-reduction potential to the water. And when you drink this negative potential water, it acts as an antioxidant and flushes out harmful toxins from your body safely.

No Spill Lid:

One last thing to notice is that when you’re pouring the water out of the pitcher, the lid doesn’t come off. Which is a common issue with a lot of water filters out there. But this one is just the little spout flops up and the water goes directly into your cup and there’s no mess.

  • Aesthetic looks
  • Improves alkalinity and adds healthy minerals
  • Softens water for a silky smooth taste
  • Thick and sturdy plastic makes it durable
  • Comes with an extra filter
  • Digital meter to count filter days
  • Parts are replaceable and you can buy them separately
  • Pours nicely and the lid doesn’t flop up
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • According to some users, changing the filter is a tiresome and long process
  • The filtration rates start to decrease over the course of time.

9. Brita 42629 Slim Water Filter Pitcher

This is one of the smallest filter pitchers by Brita having a capacity of 5 cups and doesn’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter or in the fridge. Moreover, for the price, it’s cheapest on our list.

Filter and Filtration:

The filter comprises activated carbon and ion-exchange resin. The only purpose of the filter is to efficiently remove chlorine smell and taste and some other impurities like copper, mercury and cadmium. They are essentials to get rid off because they can make you sick if not removed.

NSF Certification:

Like other Brita models, the filter of this Brita Slim pitcher also has an NSF certification for improving the aesthetics of water coming out of your tap. This means your water will taste and smell better and you’ll more likely to drink delightfully.

Opt for Filter:

Initially, the filter that comes with this pitcher is capable of filtering 40 gallons of water during its life. However, the pitcher is also compatible with Brita’s famous long-lasting filter and others if you want fewer replacements.

Good For:

It’s small and can hold only 5 cups of water in one round. This makes it a good option for a single user, particularly who lives in a flat and is short on space.

Slim and Lightweight:

As you might have guessed from its name, it’s well slim. Which means you can easily put that in the fridge without any hassle. Moreover, it’s light in weight and probably anyone with little force could hold it even with one hand even when it’s filled up to the neck.

However, this low weight arises questions about its physical strength and durability.

Non-BPA  and Cleaning:

The pitcher is manufactured with BPA-free plastic and has an ergonomic handle design for convenient handling and use. The plain and simple design makes cleaning a breeze.


It doesn’t come with a digital filter life indicator. However, you’ll get a sticker along with the unit that tells about how well the filter is performing from time to time and its life. Or you can join their subscription program for automated filter delivery.

  • Certified to remove chlorine, bad smells and taste
  • Probably the most compact design
  • Sleek and small design perfect for carrying outdoors
  • Easily fits in the fridge
  • BPA-free material
  • Sticker filter tells about filter life
  • Super easy to clean and assemble
  • Cheapest on our list
  • Good for a single person or small household
  • Basic filter only removes basic contaminants
  • Untight lid may fall off while pouring.

10. Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher

If alkaline water is what you’re looking for, we’ve another effective and efficient alkaline water filter pitcher on our list. And it’s one of the best pitchers to produce alkalized water.

Efficient Filter:

The filter cartridge used in this Dragonn pitcher is one of the most complex one utilizing several technologies to purify and filter water. The layers are ion-exchange resin, tourmaline, mineral balls and activated carbon. 

This efficient filter removes chlorine taste and odors, pollutants, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, zinc, copper, and other commonly known. Amazingly, it’s FDA approved.

The filter also charge the water negatively which makes it softer and more absorbable.

Moreover, the mineral balls make your water richer in healthy minerals. So, your water’s nutritional value increases which significantly raises the water pH and makes it more alkaline and healthier. However, the increase in pH value depends on the source.

Large Volume Capacity:

If you drink a lot of water each day, you’ll probably need this pitcher because it has a large water capacity of 3.5 liter. And you’ll be able to share water with other family members. This simply saves you from frequent refills during the day.

Easy Filling:

To make the pitcher user-friendly and convenient as much as possible, this Dragonn pH restore filter pitcher has a flip top, which makes refilling a breeze.

Reliable Material:

This pitcher features a simple design and it is created with premium BPA free, food grade  materials. So, you can rest assured that you are treating your body to water that is healthy and delicious. It’s easy to use and make drinking alkaline water convenient.

Additionally, this filter is eco friendly as it cuts down the use of plastic water bottles that are damaging to the environment.

Slow Filtration and Clogging:

The notable downside of this filter pitcher is it takes really really long to process filtration. This is a big disappointment. However, it’s because of stones used in the pitcher and shaking the filter can help with this if the filter used to filter at a good peace in the beginning.

And the filters last up to only 40 gallons, so yeah, they’ve short life.

Some Hassles:

It’s a little inconvenient while using. The reason is the parts don’t stay in their place and the pitcher seems flimsy. So, can’t say about its durability. And pouring the last cup of water may take the lid off. 

Keep in Mind:

One other thing that you should take care of is filter placement. You need to press it little hard, so that it fits into place. Or otherwise, the unfit filter will cause leakage around the filter. And contaminated water will end up mixing up with the filtered water in the bottom.

  • 7 level filter produces fresh alkaline water
  • Effectively raises the water pH
  • Removes free radicals and makes water more absorbable
  • 3.5 liter large capacity
  • Safe materials and eco-friendly 
  • Ergonomic handle and easy to fill design
  • The affordable price tag
  • Quiet slow filtration process due to clogging
  • Instruction sheet doesn’t provide clear and full information
  • Might leak around filter if not snugged perfectly
  • Seems flimsy

11. Brita Everyday Pitcher with 1 Filter

Brita Everyday water filter pitcher is the top selling water filter pitcher on amazon (at the time of writing this guide) which makes it one of the best filter pitchers to have in your home or at the office.

Filter Cartridge:

Following the Brita’s trend, the default standard filter takes out chlorine which is responsible for odd smell and taste and is certified to reduce the levels of copper, mercury, cadmium, and other contaminants commonly found in tap water. However, it doesn’t deal with lead, fluoride, chromium 6 and biological contaminants.

One edge over other brands is, this Brita’s pitcher can be used with other Brita’s filters including the advance long-lasting filter (removes lead too). So, if you’re super concerned about lead, opt for longlast filter instead of standard. 

10 Cup, Still Space Efficient:

The top notch feature of this pitcher is it has a sufficient volume of 10 cups which saves you from multiple trips. But still, its space-efficient oval shape design is slim enough that it should easily fit in most refrigerator’s door for ice-cold glass of water. You can fill it and store in the fridge for hourly water needs.

Fast Flow Rate:

One prominent feature about Brita everyday water filter pitcher is it should filter water quickly. So, you might not have to wait long to quench your thirst. 

It Lacks:

While it’s one of the most bought filter pitchers, it lacks some nice features that are common in most pitchers. It doesn’t come with a digital filter life indicator for optimal performance. However, a sticker comes with the unit which isn’t reliable at all.

Another downside is, it’s not easy to hold to use because of it’s inconvenient handle.

Refilling and Pouring:

Refilling and pouring might be inconvenient because of lid. The reason is the lid has no flip flop feature. So, to refill the reservoir, you’ll need to remove the whole lid and you might feel anxious. The other concern is the lid may fall off when you’re pouring the water, another hassle. However, holding the lid while pouring is a possible solution.

Three Colors:

If you love to follow a proper color theme in your kitchen, you’ll be glad to know that this pitcher comes in three different colors to choose from including white, black and turquoise.

  • Good value for size and quality
  • Gives clean and odorless water
  • Fast filtration rate and no soaking required
  • Improves the taste of coffee and tea
  • Space efficient design having 10 cups capacity
  • BPA-free and FDA approved plastic
  • Standard filter meets NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53
  • Cost effective filter replacement
  • Compatible with other Brita’s filters
  • Comes in three colors black, white and turquoise
  • One of the cheapest
  • Less durable
  • Lid must be removed for refills
  • Cleaning the handle might be inconvenient
  • No electronic filter life indicator
  • Not comfortable to hold
  • Occasional issues with lid and leakage

12. AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Now, we’ve AquaBliss water filter pitcher whose sole purpose is to fight against some harmful particles.


It contains an activated carbon strainer which basically removes a lot of impurities which cause problems with the taste of the water. It doesn’t remove all the contaminants from your water like it doesn’t capture lead and fluoride.

However, it’s main purpose is to remove zinc, mercury, copper and sediments. It will also take away the unpleasant smells from your water to make it more delightful to drink. 

One thing to notice is, it doesn’t make your water alkaline, however, can balance the pH level to some extent. And if you want an alkaline water filter pitcher, we’ve also covered them in our list.

Speed and No Drip:

The filter has a rapid-fast technology and filters relatively fast. A full reservoir of unfiltered water will filter in two minutes or so. This is a good feature if you forgot to fill the reservoir before and want drinking water instantly.

One other nice feature is that it is no drop design. So, when you fill in a cup, there is no drops of water dripping off. We liked this feature a lot. 

Missing Filter Life:

The manufacturer says a single filter will last you 4 months of use. However, this isn’t the right criteria to track the filter life. Because filter life primarily depends on how much water has been filtered through it.

Some rough calculations indicate that it can probably filter 80 gallons water at the rate of 20 gallons per month. However, it’s still an estimation and company should provide right amount of measurement.

Date Reminder:

One of the nice things about this is date reminder. We think it’s a neat feature which basically helps you remembering when the filter replacement is due. You can rotate the knob for the number of days and months to set the date when you need to change the filter.


It’s made of BPA-free plastic and has a pretty neat design. The whole lid opens and locks perfectly. It has a good ergonomic handle, so lifting is not that difficult. The design is sturdy. It seems like it’s going to take moderate amount of abuse.

Filling and Volume:

To fill the water, you open the flip flop lid and water goes directly into the reservoir.

As of volume, one full container holds over half a gallon and will give you 10 cups of water at a time. It may or may not require refills in accordance with your water needs.

When you want to dispense the water, you just tilt it from the side and the spout top opens partially to let water out.


  • Removes chlorine, zinc, mercury, copper, cadmium and bad odors
  • Have a filter life of 80 gallons
  • BPA-free plastic and slim design
  • Good capacity of 10 cups
  • Manual filter life indicator
  • One year warranty and money back guarantee
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Pours perfectly and no water drips
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • One of the cheapest filter pitchers


  • No proper guidelines about filter life
  • Lid seems flimsy
  • Ring protector on the bottom comes off easily

13. Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

Again Brita?

Yes. Because as we said earlier, Brita is one of the leading water filter manufacturer company and has taken the industry to the next level. The reason why we added this to our list is this is one of the best and popular water filter pitchers of Brita.

Filter Cartridge:

The filter used is efficient and uses a set of meshes to removes large and fine particles such as rust, dirt, silt, debris and other contaminants.

The actual filter layer should reduce zinc, chlorine taste and odor, cadmium, mercury and copper in your tap water. The ion exchange layer softens your water to some degree by removing minerals that build limescale. This will certainly give you clean, crispy and healthier water both for drinking and cooking. 

Space-Efficient Design:

The pitcher has an oval shape and measures over a bit over 10 inches tall by 11 inches across and 5 inches wide at the widest part. The pitcher is pretty sleek and slim, and it fits nicely in the refrigerator door or on your countertop. It’s also easy to carry outdoors.

Flip Lid:

The top cover has a flip lid for frequent refills. This feature is very helpful as the pitcher has a low water capacity (6 cups). So, if you drink more water, this will be handy.

Easy to Clean:

The top is easier to wipe clean because it’s one piece and flat. Other pitchers have grooves on top. So, dust and dirt can get trapped in there. Other parts of this pitcher are hand washable, however, not dishwasher safe.

Strong Grip and Easy to Hold:

The handle has a comfortable solid grip which makes sure that you’ve enough grip on the pitcher that it doesn’t slip off your hands during use even when it’s full. It’s not hard to manage with one hand either. 

Filter Replacement:

Other than the low water capacity, the main downside of this unit is it only lasts up to 40 gallons of water. Which is really short, however, buying a new filter isn’t expensive. But still, it’s a factor to consider if you consume a lot of water.

Fast Filtration:

In addition to the filter performance, one other best thing about this pitcher is it filters water quickly. This is an important feature to take into account since the pitcher is small and fast filtration speed will surely help in getting more drinkable water with several refills.

Sticker filter indicator:

The pitcher comes with a sticker who works as a filter life indicator. The goal is to let you know when your filter is about to die, so you could order a new filter to keep on getting cleaner and crispy water.


  • Eliminates chlorine, lead, mercury, bacteria, other contaminants
  • BPA free and NSF certified
  • Instant and fast filtering speed
  • Easy to refill and change filter
  • Sleek and ergonomic design that easily fits into small spaces
  • Sticker notification system tells you when filter replacements are due
  • Easy and strong handle grip


  • Short filter life
  • A bit smaller pitcher
  • The lid falls off

14. Oxa Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

We’ve another alkaline water filter pitcher on our list by OXA which makes your tap water cleaner and taste better and you can easily taste the difference.

Filter Cartridge and Reduction:

The 7 layers of filter cartridge are composed of activated carbon, ion exchange resin, ceramic ball, far infrared ceramic ball, mineral balls and PP pad.

With all this setup, the filter primarily removes chlorine, copper, zinc, mercury and cadmium. You’ll also get 90% reduction in lead and pollutants that are responsible to give a foul taste and odor to your tap water. It also removes sand and biological contaminants.

Moreover, it might be a good option for you if you’re tired of limescale as it has a tendency to reduce it as well.

Improves pH and Beneficial Minerals:

As the name indicates, this filter makes your source water more alkaline by improving its pH level. It can increase the pH by 2 levels up to 8.5 to 10. 

On top of that, the water that drips in the container doesn’t lose healthy minerals during filtration. It even adds selenium and calcium to the water, and you get cleaner, healthier water that tastes better.

Lifespan and Capacity:

When it comes to how long filter will serve you, they are average of short and long lasting filters having a capacity to filter 79 gallons or 300 liters of water to their last breath.

The total capacity of the pitcher is 2.5 liter, which is again an average capacity. However, you’ll get only 1.5 liter drinkable water excluding the water in the reservoir because it still has to be filtered. The pitcher can be used both at home and outdoors.

Bonus Filter:

Just like Reshape water filter pitcher, this unit also comes with an extra bonus filter. Which certainly will save you some money in the early days of usage.

Material and Design:

The product is certified by SGS and ISO for its non-toxic BPA-free materials. Which makes it more reliable and safer for your health. The plastic is clear and dish soap washable. 

We like its compact design. The pitcher is designed to be fit in refrigerators measuring 9.7 x 5.9 x 11.9 inches, so you would drink cool water in the hot summer days. The handle grabs comfortably giving a good grip on the pitcher while serving the water.

Lid and Refilling:

These are some notable downsides of Oxa pitcher. Through research, we found out that the lid has an awkward design. The lid fits tightly and doesn’t come off easily. At first, you might wonder what’s wrong with this. No doubt, it’s a good thing to have while pouring.

But this pitcher doesn’t have a water intake hole in the lid. So, to refill the pitcher, you’ll have to remove the lid every time and you might have to wrestle with the lid to take it off.

Although, the top of the lid has a manual operation indicator showing cartridge life, according to most users, it’s not functional and doesn’t help.


  • Made of safe and eco-friendly materials and certified by ISO
  • Easy to use with a comfortable grip handle
  • Its advanced technology filter removes 90% of copper, lead, zinc and other harmful pollutants
  • Improves taste and odor
  • Improves the pH up to 8.5 to 10
  • Easily fits in average refrigerator
  • Comes with an extra bonus filter
  • Good filter life of 76 gallons
  • Available in two colors 
  • Cost-effective pitcher
  • 100% satisfactory money back guarantee


  • The lid is so tight that it’s hard to take it off for refilling
  • The drinkable water capacity is very low only 1.5 liter
  • Pouring water is slow and might be messy

15. Levoit Water Filter Pitcher

Lastly, we’ve levoit water filter pitcher. It has some unique features like volume measurements on the jug and restrictor caps while being one of the cheapest filter pitchers.

5 Layer Filtration:

When you pour the water into the reservoir, it goes through 5 layers of the filter.

The first layer at the top is Micro Net, which blocks sand, rust and other organic matter.

The second and fourth layers of activated carbon which are made up of coconut shells are responsible for removing certain chemicals and bad smells and taste. Whereas, the silver present in the medium prevents bacteria from growing into the filter itself. 

Ion exchange resin beads reduce heavy metals and limescale.

And lastly, lower micro net blocks remaining particle that somehow managed to escape from the upper layers.

Filter softens the water and doesn’t remove all magnesium and calcium.

What it Removes:

According to the manufacturer, the filter collectively removes or reduces chlorine up to 98%, heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper, aluminum, cadmium), suspended particles, pollutants, pesticides, limescale and bad taste and odor. And clean and better tasting water drips in the pitcher.

However, these claims are not backed up by published lab tests results. So, it’s crucial to know the filter’s ability to remove contaminants.

Filter’s Life:

This levoit pitcher can filter 40 gallons of water only. That is an average filter life for most lower priced water filter pitcher, but too short in comparison with expensive and best water filter pitchers.

So, if you consume one gallon or more, the quicker you’ll have to change the filter. It also depends on the quality of water that you pour into the pitcher. However, the filter replacement is cheaper.

Material and Design:

The pitcher is manufactured in China and the material used is FDA approved BPA free plastic. It seems sturdy, easy to grip and use. The filter sits firmly in its place and doesn’t allow unfiltered water to contaminate the filtered water.

Moreover, its space-saver design will probably fit easily into your refrigerator.

Capacity, Volume Marks and Lid:

It can hold 2.5 liter water at peak and volume marks printed on the jug are very helpful if you’re tracking how much water you drink. The intake of water is easy through the hole in the lid without having to take the lid off.

However, some users reported the lid comes off while you’re pouring and cause splashes. You can overcome this by holding it properly and pouring slowly. 

Filter Change Indicator:

Instead of burdening your mind or taking notes about filter life, you can rely on filter change indicator. It is located on the lid and will tell you what percentage of the filter life and days are left as you’re using it. 

All you need to do it just activate it by pushing the start button on the top whenever you place a new filter. The bars and numbers will go down as the filter life is used up.

However, there is no way to recharge or replace the battery. So, it’ll probably stop working after some time. And some users doubt its reliability. So, you may need to keep an eye on the usage yourself.

Restrictor Caps:

This is a unique feature and you certainly haven’t seen this in any other filter pitcher. The filter has two adjustable restrictor caps on the bottom to control the speed of water.

If you set the caps at the plus sign, the flow rate will be faster. If you put it on the minus sign it’ll be slower and does a more thorough job of filtering.

You can also completely leave the restrictors off if you want to go really fast. But that would be defeating the purpose of having a filter pitcher. So, it’s recommended to leave the caps at minus sign for slower filtration.


The manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the pitcher which can be extended to one year more. To do this, you’ll need to register your product within 14 days of purchase.


  • One of the cheapest
  • Filter replacement costs very little
  • Made up of safe material
  • Digital display for filter life detection
  • Easy water intake through lid
  • Gives control over filtration speed
  • Volume marks on the jug are handy
  • One year warranty


  • Short filter life
  • No lab test results for filter are provided
  • The indicator isn’t reliable and might cause inaccuracies
  • Loose lid

A Buyer’s Guide to Water Filter Pitchers

Though the whole house and reverse osmosis are the advanced filtration systems, the water filter pitchers have their perks including low cost, portability, ease of use, and maintenance among many others. But, they are less efficient at removing contaminants from your tap water when compared with the advanced filtration systems.

So, to decide whether a water filter pitcher is suitable for your tap water in the first place, you should know what a water filter pitcher is, how it works, what contaminants it can remove, and some other insights.

What are Water Filter Pitchers?

Water filter pitchers are self-contained, fully-functioning filtration units consisting of 3-4 pieces including a jug or container, filter cartridge(s) and an upper lid. They mainly remove frequently found common contaminants and impurities that come from the water line such as chlorine, heavy metals, harsh chemicals, etc from our tap water to improve the water quality and aesthetics (taste and smell).

Not only this, few filter pitchers even remineralize the water that not only improves the taste further but also brings beneficial minerals into your glass of water.

Water filter pitchers come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, having single or multiple filter cartridges with multiple filtration layers that have several gallons of water filtration capacity, at different prices.

How do Filter Pitchers Work?

A water filter pitcher has two sections or storage areas that are separated by the filter. You pour water in the upper section or reservoir, from where the water goes into the filter where contaminants and other harmful chemicals are blocked. And the clean water slowly drains into the storage tank below.

Once all the water is filtered, you can pour out the water using the pitcher’s spout. The water moves freely out of the pitcher through the separate bypass system, without going back into the filter.

Types of Filter and Their Working Mechanism

Every water pitcher comes with a different filter with a slightly unique filtration process. However, there are commonly two types of pitcher filters, carbon filter, and cartridge filters.

1. Carbon Filters:

A carbon filter is simply either a solid carbon block or granular activated carbon (or activated charcoal). Carbon is very effective at removing chlorine and its byproducts including TTHM

Carbon filters are usually made from coconut shells but can also be derived from wood shafts, coal, and lignite. 

Manufacturers use either physical or chemical activation methods. The physical activation has further two ways, through carbonization, in which a material is heated and carbonized between 600 to 900 degrees celsius, or through oxidation, in which material is heated up to 1,200 degrees celsius and exposed to oxygen.

In chemical activation, the material is infused with various chemicals (such as bases, acids, and salts), in addition to heating between 450 and 900 degrees celsius.

Carbon filters use the adsorption technique to purify your tap water. In other words, the activated charcoal or carbon has a porous surface that traps the contaminants and impurities in liquid and gas form. They are efficient at filtering pathogens and inorganic impurities.

After some time, the carbon’s porous surface fills with particles, so the filter doesn’t trap particles anymore. This is the time when you need to change your filter.

2. Cartridge Filters:

Cartridge filters are more advanced than a simple carbon filter to remove more contaminants. They usually have multiple layers (3, 5, or even 7) for the filtration process. Besides, activate carbon, these stages consist of tourmaline, mineral balls, ion-exchange resins, and some other substance for more thorough filtration and to provide you better-tasting water.

Ion exchange resins are tiny beads filled with sodium particles. They attract Magnesium and Calcium particles and trap them. Mineral balls add beneficial minerals into your tap water because when water is filtered, good minerals are also trapped making the water less-nutrient. When mineral balls add the minerals to water after it’s filtered, it helps in making your water healthier.

So, cartridge filters are more effective, enhance the nutritional levels, can even filter viruses and tiny particles, and give you cleaner water to drink.

What Contaminants Do the Water Filter Pitchers Remove?

Nearly every water filter pitcher removes chlorine, but most filter pitchers also remove other harmful chemicals and contaminants that you shouldn’t be drinking. For example, the filter cartridges containing ion exchange resin are effective at removing heavy metal from your tap water.

Some other contaminants that pitcher filters can remove are:

1. Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs):

When chemical disinfectants such as chlorine are mixed with the water to control the microbial contaminants in drinking water, they react with the naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter creating trihalomethanes as a by-product along with other disinfection by-products. It’s better not to consume them, so filter pitchers can drastically reduce their levels.

2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs):

VOCs are used in the composition of most herbicides and pesticides that are used for soil treatment in the agriculture industry. So, they run off the land and make their way into the water supply. They can harm children and the elderly, particularly if consumed.

3. Bacteria, Cyst, Parasites:

Some protozoan parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia are dangerous and can cause illness. The Cryptosporidium causes Gastrointestinal and respiratory illness that eventually leads to diarrhea and cough, whereas the Giardia can make you suffer from Giardiasis which is another illness that results in but is not limited to abdominal pain, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

People whose immune system isn’t strong usually suffer from these illnesses, so filter pitchers designed to remove bacteria, cyst and parasites can help you prevent these illnesses.

There are several other contaminants that filter pitchers can remove such as Fluoride, Radiological Elements, Microplastics, heavy metals, chemical disinfectants, and Pharmaceutical drugs. The best practice is to read the contaminants list for the specific brand that you’re interested in buying.

Why You Should be Using a Water Filter Pitcher?

No matter where your water comes from, and how pure you think it is, it always contains nasty and harmful particles and chemicals that you shouldn’t be drinking.

This is because the water can be polluted at the water treatment supply, but even if it’s not and completely free of contaminants there, it likely gets polluted with heavy metals, bacteria, and fungi when it travels through the pipes, and is no longer safe and healthy to drink.

The need to filter the water becomes more important if you’ve children because contaminated water can hurt their growth.

Filtering water can drastically reduce the levels of nasty things. A water filter pitcher can make you tap water purer, healthier, and safer to drink without costing you so much.

Benefits of Using a Water Purifier Pitcher

There are several reasons to have a filter pitcher or benefits of using a water purifier pitcher.

1. Water Aesthetics:

The primary reason for or benefit of a water filter pitcher is to improve the water aesthetically (taste and smell). Almost all water filter pitchers contain a carbon layer, whereas the advanced pitcher filters feature a multi-stage filtration process consisting of stones, ceramic pellets, ion-exchange resin, and other effective filtering materials.

They remove the smell and taste of chlorine, sulfur, iron, and other organic contaminants of plants and animals which thereby makes your water clearer, crisper, and healthier. The better taste and smell make water more appealing while encouraging you to drink more.

2. Removal of Harmful Contaminants:

Since your tap water is not safe, the advanced filter pitchers are there to take away the large amounts of harmful and nasty chemicals such as heavy metals including iron, chromium, lead, arsenic, copper, and others. However, if your tap water has some serious issues, we don’t recommend solely using filter pitchers. But, they can always be used along with other advanced filtration systems.

3. pH Improvement and Healthy Minerals:

Some filter pitchers offer added benefits such as improving the pH level and adding healthy minerals into your water.

4. Convenience:

No other filtration system can beat the convenience of water filter pitchers. Because they’re small, can easily be put onto your counter-top or into your refrigerator, super portable, require minimal maintenance and a few minutes assembly.

All these perks make them a great option for space-restricted areas, office, rented-apartments, hostels rooms, or any place where installing a whole filtration system is a hassle.

5. Eco-friendly:

Another great thing about filter pitchers is they’re eco-friendly as compared to bottled water because they can filter hundreds to thousands of bottles in their lifetime. So, less plastic is disposed of in the environment.

6. Affordability:

Selling at only a few hundred dollars or even under a hundred bucks, the filter pitchers are way cheaper than whole house and under-sink filtration units. Plus, you don’t have to pay for installation or spend lots of money on maintenance and assembly. 

Moreover, you stop wasting money on bottled water that may seem cheap at the upfront, but it costs more than a filter pitcher in the long-run.

Who Needs a Water Filter Pitcher?

Anyone can benefit from a water filter pitcher to make their tap water safer, healthier, and pleasant to drink. In a nutshell, filter pitchers are best suited to people or households:

Now, you know all the basics and essentials of water filter pitchers, let’s get into the buying nitty-gritty.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Filter Pitcher?

Buying a water filter pitcher not only saves you investing in bottled water but also they’re super easy to use than other complicated filtration systems. But, you can’t just pick any filter pitcher. With so many options available in the market, arriving at the right filter pitcher might be a daunting process. Moreover, health concerns and water aesthetics make the job super crucial.

But there’re some factors or points that can help you pick the right filter pitcher for yourself and your family. So, before whipping out your credit card, you must consider the following factors to get the best bang for the buck.

1. Target Contaminants/Impurities & Certifications:

Though the water pitchers are not high-tech purification systems, in addition to improving the water aesthetics, they can also remove a list of harmful contaminants. But how many and what contaminants your filter pitcher should remove depends on what’s inside your tap water. So before exploring the market, you should figure out what contaminants or impurities you need to remove from your tap water.

If a water filter pitcher is certified against NSF/ANSI standards, it means it’s verified for removing specific contaminants. Moreover, if the company is a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), it’s a good filter quality indicator as well.

If your tap water’s aesthetics are terrible, you should look for a model that holds NSF/ANSI 42 certification to have refreshing water for drinking. While on the other hand, for reducing some heavy metal to the safer levels, an NSF/ANSI-53 certification would work. However, if your household has some severe water issues, you should focus on installing an advanced filtration system.

2. BPA-Free Jug Material:

Usually, pitcher jugs are made up of plastic, which makes them lightweight and affordable. But, not all pitchers are manufactured with equal quality plastic. Yes, plastics can be of bad and good quality. The low-quality plastic may leach some dangerous chemicals into your drinking water and can cause some serious health issues.

So, to be safe, we recommend pitchers made of bisphenol-A-free or BPA-free and food-grade materials. They are not entirely safe, but way better than ordinary plastic and are certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Water Quality Association (WQA), NFS for water filtration.

3. Jug Size/Capacity and Need:

If you plan to share water from your pitcher with other family members at home or colleagues at the office, you should check how much water the pitcher can process at a time.

The pitchers usually come in sizes of 5 to 14 cups. Having a bigger pitcher doesn’t necessarily mean that it will require fewer refills. It actually depends on the ratio between the upper reservoir and the bottom counter. If you want fewer refills, make sure there is a balance between the top and bottom volumes. However, choosing a large pitcher should be suitable for large families and prevent frequent refills and time-saving.

4. Dimensions and Weight:

If you love to drink cold chilled water, you’ll need to put your filter pitcher in the fridge. For this reason, you should consider how much space you can afford in your refrigerator and choose accordingly.

And if you’ve children at your home who are used to pouring themselves a glass of water or elderly who may struggle with a big and heavy pitcher when it’s filled, look for a small and lightweight pitcher. Moreover, if you travel a lot, a pitcher having around 5 to 6 cups capacity, that is easy to carry, would work for you.

5. Filter Life and Cost:

Filter lifespan is one of the most important factors because it has a lot to consider. Primarily, a filter’s life depends on the contamination levels present in the water and the amount of water that filter treats.

Usually, the manufacturers suggest an expected life of filter for ordinary tap water. On average, filters can filter 40 to 150 gallons of water before they need replacement. If you drink a lot of water each day, look for something that can serve longer. And don’t forget to look for the filter replacement cost as it’s an on-going process.

No matter what you choose, you mustn’t use a filter for more than 6 months, no matter what. Because within that time, bacteria and other micro-organisms start growing inside the filter and contaminate your water eventually.

6. Filtration Speed:

Water filtration speed varies greatly among pitcher filters. Some filter water at a very slow rate while others give you drinkable water in no time. The slower doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s doing more work or removing more contaminants and vice versa. A fitter pitcher should take a reasonable amount of time during the filtration process.

7. Number of Filters:

Most water pitchers feature a single filter, however, there are pitchers as well that offer two filters. The great thing about this is your water will be filtered at a double rate, this comes handy if you want an immediate glass of water and can’t wait. But, there is a downside that you’ll need to pay for two filters costing you more money. So, you should decide what’s your priority.

8. Filter Changing Indication:

When to change your filter is an essential factor to keep getting the clean water. The filter’s life is subject to contaminant levels and usage. For this, the highly advanced filter pitchers come with a user-friendly electronic feature, “filter changing indicator” that alerts you when to change the filter when it’s not more able to filter the water. If you’re a busy bee and easily forget things, it would be your assistant.

9. Ease of Use and Cleaning:

One of the primary purposes of using a water filter pitcher is convenience. It would help if you look for a pitcher that seems durable, sturdy, and fits easily and perfectly altogether. The filter, lid, handle, jug, and reservoir should stay in their place to prevent any leakage during filtration from the upper reservoir to the lower tank and mess while pouring. Also, make sure it’s easy to remove the filter because you’ll have to deal with replacements.

All pitchers have a lid or cover at the top, but some offer an easy no-open flip flop feature for refilling. Consider this meeting your personal preference.

Pitchers require cleaning at least once a week to prevent the growth of bacteria, algae, and such organisms inside the pitcher. For this reason, opt for a pitcher that is plain, simple, and has fewer grooves and small details, so you could clean every corner of the pitcher easily just in a few minutes.

10: Price:

A filter pitcher can cost you as low as $50 and as high as $500. However, what’s important to consider is that it’s not necessarily true that an expensive filter pitcher is always of the highest quality and a budget-friendly filter pitcher can’t give you satisfying results. You can opt for any price range that perfectly suits your budget. But, if you can afford the high price tag, it may give you better filtration and additional advanced features.

11: Warranty:

You’ll surely want some warranty on your filter pitcher if you’re already spending a good amount of money or buying from a lesser-known brand to prevent future headaches. Ideally, your filter pitchers come with a lifetime warranty, but a several years warranty would also work if you’re buying from a reputable brand known for high-quality and reliable products.

How to change a pitcher filter cartridge?

Almost every water filter pitcher comes with an instruction manual explaining how to change the filter cartridge. The process usually goes like this:

This brings us to the end of our ultimate guide on best water filter pitchers.

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