11 Best Alkaline Water Brands Of 2022 – With Their pH Level

alkaline water bottle brandsPeople are getting crazy all around the world over the Alkaline Water, but is Alkaline Water worth a try? Well, Science has not still told us specifics and advantages of Alkaline Water as of yet, that is why we cannot say much.

But it is to be sure that Alkaline Water can be a great alternative to the tap water because of the added electrolytes. That is why you will surely have to look out for the best alkaline water brands so that you can get full benefits for your active lifestyle.

Multiple Alkaline Water brands claim that their Alkaline Water can boost up the stamina of a person or offer extra strength. Not only that, but the water would also give more strength and freshness to the body because of the added minerals and electrolytes. This can be true because a body can relatively perform better if provided with more electrolytes and minerals. But does your body need extra electrolytes? Well, you can know by giving it a try!

If we consider the Alkaline Water scientifically, you can understand it by measuring it on a pH scale. The standard water that we mostly drink has a pH of 7, which is considered neutral. If we go below this point of the range, the state of it would be called Acidic. If we go above the scale of 7 pH, the water would be called as Basic or Alkaline. The pH scale is the standard measurement to find out the potential hydrogen in a substance, and it offers accurate results as per the needs.

Check if your existing bottled water is acidic or alkaline!

Are there any side effects of drinking Alkaline Water?

This is the inevitable question that pops up in the mind of most of the people when hearing about Alkaline Water. So will you have to face the consequences after drinking Alkaline Water? You might have to face some consequences, but they are not too harsh. Let’s have a look at these consequences and symptoms you might face after drinking Alkaline Water:

These are the most common symptoms that usually occur to the people who drink Alkaline Water. But, as we all can see that these symptoms are not the type to worry about. As our body gets a whole new liquor, it is reasonable to get an adverse reaction, but the body gets used to it in no time, and you will be able to see the positive aspects as well.

Are all Alkaline Water bottle brands reliable and trusted?

We all know how our world works. It is good and bad in everything, and that is why we should take a bright look at everything before using it. Same goes for the Alkaline Water brands and their properties. If you are also searching out for the best alkaline water bottle brands and wondering which water brand is healthiest, then do check out for its production and used ingredients. You can check out for these things about the water or its brand before getting your hands onto it:

If you have checked out all of the properties mentioned above, then you can surely check out its Alkaline Water.

11 Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands To Get In 2022

Here is the list of 11 best Alkaline Water Brands that you can get and check out the real difference:

1. Qure Alkaline Water - pH 10

Qure Alkaline WaterQure offers one of the most reliable Alkaline Water in the sense of purification. Qure claims that its Alkaline Water is integrated with the pH 10 Alkaline that can give a noticeable boost to the users. Not only that, but Qure also passes their water through several layers of Ionic Minerals so that these minerals can be added in the water. Minerals help the body to attain the stamina and relaxation everyone would want. The best thing is that Qure doesn’t use any artificial minerals but is uses naturally obtained minerals. This relieves the body from any type of side effects and other consequences.

For the purification, the water is passed over nine stages reverse osmosis purification process to ensure the purity and cleanliness of the water. This process filters out any impurities or other elements that can be harmful to a body and makes it perfect for a human system. The quring process is done to ensure that the Ionic pH of the water is stabilized and essential in all ways. It is vital to ensure all these aspects to get the final product with perfect properties and demands.

In the end, the Alkaline Water is filtered through the Coconut and Mesh filters to give it a unique and smooth taste. Users from all around the world can get their hands on this Alkaline Water Bottle as the brand claims that the water would still be fresh even after two years if sealed.

  • Stable and robust pH level
  • No Artificial minerals and ions
  • Smooth and Silky taste
  • All essential ingredients added
  • Purified through several processes
  • No specific water source stated
  • The taste might differ from standard Alkaline Waters

2. TEN Alkaline Spring Water - pH 10

ten alkaline spring waterIf you are going for an Alkaline Water, then pH is the most important thing to consider and check out for. Well, TEN has ensured that their customers would get the best pH among all the other brands for best results. TEN Alkaline Spring water comes with the pH of perfect ten which is considered best for the Alkaline Waters. The best thing is that the TEN Alkaline Water is sourced from the purest Americans Valleys like Appalachian Valley. After sourcing it out, it is processed further to offer the best form of water to the users.

The brand claims that their Alkaline Water is integrated with the most useful alkaline ions like Potassium and Sodium. Not only that, because of the pH of 10, but the added electrolytes combined with the essential ions also form an excellent combination for those seeking extra stamina. If we talk about its purity, the water is filtered from over 100 feet fractures quartzite to make it entirely pure and stable. When all the purification and integration processes are done, the water is capped and sealed through the state-of-the-art bottling facility. Then it is finally offered to the customers to get their hands on the Alkaline or Sports Water for the use.

  • Perfect 10 pH Alkaline Water
  • BPA Free and Recyclable
  • Sourced from Pure Valleys
  • All essential ingredients added
  • All-natural minerals and electrolytes added
  • Best value for money
  • High pH might not be suitable for all bodies
  • Low oxidants

3. LIFEWTR Premium Alkaline Water - Balanced pH Levels

Lifewtr alkaline watwrAs the name suggests, LIFEWTR offers premium quality Alkaline Water to its users and consumers, but is it really worth a try? Their purification, addition of minerals and pH are the reasons that they have built such trust among their consumers.

LIFEWTR Alkaline Water comes with the standard minerals and electrolytes to refresh the body in every way. LIFEWTR has stated that the pH level of their Alkaline Water ranges from 6.4 to 7.4, which is relatively lower than the other brands. But if you are getting the right amount of minerals and electrolytes even in this level of pH, it can cover up for that.

LIFEWTR has also introduced the new canvas specifically for artists. They offer three different types of labels designed by three different designers for the best outcome, but that doesn’t really matter for the ones who concern themselves only with water. The purity of this Alkaline Water is also on another level as it is processed through different levels and filters. So if you are willing to get an Alkaline Water having standard minerals and electrolytes along with creativity, LIFEWTR should be on your list.

  • Balanced pH levels
  • Premium Packaging
  • Super-Purified Water
  • Essentials Minerals and Electrolytes added
  • Focused more on designing rather than the properties

4. Bai Antioxidant Alkaline Water - pH 7.5

Bai Antioxidant Alkaline WaterBai Antioxidant Alkaline water offers so many essential things that it would easily cover all the needs of a body. Bai claims that their Antioxidant Alkaline Water is infused with Mineral Selenium. The Antioxidant Water can help to body to fight with the stress and put your body in shape again. Most people feel stressed or tired after an intense workout or play; that is why antioxidant water is essential for a body. Not only that but it also usually helps to fight off the free radicals found in the body.

Bai also balances the pH intensity of their water to match the natural state of a human body. If measured on the pH scale, you would find this Alkaline Water above 7.5 pH as stated by Bai.

Bai Antioxidant Alkaline Water also goes through the intense filtration process. This process ensures that the only thing that is going into the bottle is pure hydration. Other than that, Bai also adds multiple electrolytes and minerals to make it a perfect combo for everyone. It can be perfect and reliable for those who have dehydration problems or the ones with an intense workout.

This Alkaline Water can surely offer you much more than standard water because of its properties and purity. But do check out for its side effects and consequences. You might face headache, vomiting, or itching, so contact your doctor without any further delay if found any.

  • Antioxidants Added
  • Processed through several Filters
  • Purity Guaranteed
  • Mineral Selenium Added
  • BPA Free
  • pH level is relatively low

5. Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water - pH 9.5

Essentia Ionized Alkaline WaterIf you are finding the best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands, then Essentia is undoubtedly one of them! Essentia doesn’t only offer premium quality ionized alkaline water, but it also provides fresh and smart-looking water bottles to its customers. Aside from that, if we talk about its properties, Essentia’s Alkaline Water is 99.99% pure because of its reverse osmosis processing. Not only that, but its unique ionizing process also transforms the standard H2O or Water into smooth, purified, minerals integrated Alkaline Water.

Essentia has clocked the pH state of its Alkaline Water to 9.5, which is pretty good. It is not above the line, neither it is below it, which makes it perfect for every enthusiast. No matter if you are going to the pool, gym, playing your favourite sports, or anywhere else, you always have to be extra dehydrated. For this cause, Essentia’s Alkaline Water can surely help you out.

  • 99.99% Purity Guaranteed
  • pH scale of 9.5
  • Vital Minerals and Electrolytes included
  • Smart and Sporty Bottle Design
  • Ionization Processing
  • Unreliable Packaging
  • Not available in all regions (stores)

6. SmartWater Alkaline Water - pH 7.5 to 10

SmartWater Alkaline WaterHave you ever wanted to taste purity along with its essentials? If yes, then you should give a try to SmartWater. As claimed by the brand, their Alkaline Water is purified through different distillation processes to ensure that it would offer the best results.

The crystal-clear SmartWater comes with the 9 pH alkaline properties. The water ranging from 7.5 to 10 pH tends to provide excellent alkaline behaviour along with the electrolytes to boost up a body. Not only that, the extra added electrolytes and minerals from Mother Nature also ensure the healthy and smart body of yours.

The best or the great thing about this Alkaline Water is that it also is Antioxidant. This means that the water is ionized and can offer a significant amount of charged electrons to a body. Electrons can be vital for a body if you are working out or playing hard with all of your stamina. SmartWater’s purified Alkaline Water has undoubtedly changed the perspective of standard water because of its enormous changes.

  • 9+ pH Alkaline Water
  • Naturally added electrolytes and minerals
  • Purified through multiple processes
  • Antioxidant
  • Electrons Charged
  • No water source stated(stores)

7. Aquahydrate Alkaline Water - pH 9

Aquahydrate Alkaline WaterWhat is better than pure and high tasting water that can hydrate you instantly? Well, I think there isn’t one. But Aquahydrate is offering 99% purified and great-tasting alkaline water to its consumers that can boost up their performance. As stated by the officials, the proprietary bioavailable electrolyte blends provide 2 times more performance than the other leading brands. Electrolytes can enhance your body performance in many ways and can make you feel better than ever before.

The pH level of Aquahydrate Alkaline Water is just about 9 that is achieved explicitly through the electrolysis. The best thing is that, through this process, the taste of the water has never changed as it usually does. The brand has also added multiple vital minerals in the water to make it more specific for a human body. In the end, the water is purified through the pharmaceutical UV filters that tend to remove any type of bacteria from it. If you want to change your performance lifestyle and want to see enhancement in your movements, Aquahydrate Alkaline Water might help you achieve your goal.

  • 99% Purified
  • Filtered with Pharmaceutical UVs
  • 2x more performance
  • Great taste
  • The standard pH level of 9 above
  • Recyclable Bottles
  • Fewer Minerals
  • Excessive Electrolytes

8. Bodyarmor Alkaline Water - pH 9

Bodyarmor Alkaline WaterEveryone surely wants an active lifestyle if you are going to keep going in the life-crushing the consequences. For that, you will have to use some specifics to get the strength you require. Bodyarmor Alkaline Water is one of the best brands in this industry if you are wondering which water brand is healthiest. They have already proved it through quality products, and the same goes for their active lifestyle Alkaline Water.

The Bodyarmor Sports Water is infused with pH 9 alkaline molecules to provide the best to the consumers. The proprietary alkaline formula ensures that the human body would always get what it needs to stay active most of the time.

This can surely be an excellent choice for the ones who face difficulties with dehydration and similar problems. Bodyarmor’s Alkaline Water produces enough fluids in the body to keep you hydrated all day long, even after an intense workout or play. The best thing is that the bottle of Bodyarmor Water is portable. Users are provided with a flip-top cap to move out from the hassle of twisting ones.

  • Alkaline water of pH 9+
  • Best Electrolyte formula infused
  • Great for long-term hydration
  • Flip-top cap instead of twisting caps
  • Premium recyclable bottles
  • Unspecific Water source
  • No Minerals specified

9. Icelandic Glacial Alkaline Water - pH 8.4

Icelandic glacial alkaline waterIcelandic Alkaline Water is pretty famous among the consumers because of its purity and source. The Icelandic Alkaline Water is sourced from the legendary Olfus Spring. Olfus Spring offers one of the most pristine ecosystems, and that is why thousands of users use it.

The best thing about Icelandic Alkaline Water is the pH level is not forced or infused upon the water. The ph level is naturally 8.4, and the brand doesn’t add anything to move it forward or backwards, which makes it pure and reliable.

The Icelandic Glacial Alkaline Water is also certified to be CarbonNeutral, which is pretty rare among the Alkaline Water brands. The thing that also makes it even better is that it passes through several layers of filters. This Alkaline Water is naturally pure and elegant because it has been passing through the lava layers for almost 5000 years now, as claimed by the brand.

So if you are looking out for an Alkaline Water without any artificial flavours, minerals, electrolytes, or Alkaline, this one is the best choice for you in all aspects.

  • Exceptionally Pure
  • Sourced from Olfus Spring
  • Artificial Ingredients free
  • Available in different flavours
  • Just the right pH of Alkaline
  • No extra minerals
  • Costly

10. Flow Alkaline Spring Water - pH 8.1

flow alkaline waterOffering 100% natural Alkaline Water is what makes Flow one of the trusted alkaline water bottle brands. Some brands provide artificial alkaline water with artificial resources, but who knows if it is good enough for your health or no? That is why it is best to go with the natural ones.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water comes with the alkaline pH of 8.1. This pH scale might range from 8.1 to 8.5, as stated by the officials. Other than that, Essential and most importantly, healthy minerals have also been added to super-charge a body. Some minerals can boost up the stamina in just a few seconds if you have the quick urge of hydration.

Also, because of the 8.1 pH, you will be able to get most of the super-charged electrolytes for your body to keep you active. Flow has made sure that you can quickly drink their water with natural and organic essence of strawberry and rose. The best thing is that no artificial flavours or other substances have been added in the water to make it pure and safe. The brand also delivers the water in the eco-friendly pack that can be recycled easily along with its plant-based cap.

  • Pure Natural Alkaline Water
  • pH of 8.1
  • Vital Minerals available
  • Super-Charged with electrolytes
  • Eco-Friendly packaging
  • No water source mentioned

11. Evamor Natural Alkaline Water - pH 8.8 to 9.1

Evamor Natural Alkaline WaterEvamor aims not to add anything in their water so that it can remain in its original state for better results. This is surely the reason they have been selling pure and reliable water to their customers for a long time now. The brand states that they are strictly against the addition and removal of anything from natural water. This means that all the properties they offer are infused by nature and not by any artificial methods.

The pH level of the water ranges between 8.8 to 9.1, which is pretty fantastic and good for health. The water of this pH level can easily offer a body enough electrolytes to charge and activate a body.

Evamor alkaline water is rich in minerals and essential elements because of its thousands of years legacy. The perfect combo of minerals and electrolytes makes a body perfect and active for everything necessary in life.

The bottle design of the Evamor is also not that fancy as they believe that the inside of the bottle matters that the outside. So if you want to see a change in your lifestyle, take a sip of Evamor Natural Alkaline Water and check it out yourself.

  • High Alkaline pH ranging from 8.8 to 9.1
  • Naturally electrolyzed
  • Natural Minerals and elements
  • No artificial ingredients added
  • BPA Free bottles
  • Unspecified Water source
  • Deficiency of Minerals
  • Low shelf life

Frequently Asked Questions About Ionized Water

Q1- What is the best pH level for starters when drinking Alkaline Water?

A- Alkaline Water can be good for boosting stamina, refreshing your body, increasing minerals, and offering extra electrolytes to keep you active all day long.

Q2- Can you drink Alkaline Water every day?

A- You absolutely can. But you might face some consequences if your body doesn’t take it so well at the start. In this case, consult a doctor.

Q3- What is Alkaline Water Good for?

A- Alkaline Water can be good for boosting stamina, refreshing your body, increasing minerals, and offering extra electrolytes to keep you active all day long.

Q4- Should I drink Alkaline Water with food or medicines?

A- It is not recommended by the doctors to do so, as the Alkaline Water tends to slow down the digestion process explicitly in the stomach.

Q5- Are there any side effects of drinking Alkaline Water?

A- There are some side effects like headache, itching, or vomiting, but your body will adjust in a few days with constant improvement and adjustment.

Q6- How much Alkaline Water can I drink in a day?

A- You can drink up to 12 glasses of Alkaline Water a day without facing any consequences.

Q7- Is Alkaline Water Worth Buying?

A- As I have stated earlier, studies haven’t provided us with the clear benefits of Alkaline Water, but it surely is worth a try!


If you are planning the replace your standard water with alkaline water, I would recommend you not to do so. The studies haven’t stated all the benefits of it even if it is safe to drink. But it is worth a try, and you can check any of the brands mentioned above to taste whole new different water. Don’t forget to take precautions before trying out any brand. Have a great healthy and active life!

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